Day 96 – Last Day Of Tour

Posted in Adventures, Daily Post, Players, Yo-yos on November 30th, 2009 by Brandon Jackson

We started our last  day with a news spot in Hartford Connecticut on local news Fox 61. After our last news spot of the tour, we got to spend some of our day with the Yo-Yo People!

If you aren’t familiar with the Yo-Yo People, they are world renowned entertainers John and Rebecca Higby. And the newest addition to the yo-yo people, Theodore Rocket Higby!


John and Rebecca have traveled the globe entertaining and bringing the world of yo-yo to kids and grownups alike. They are also 2008 Guinness World Record Holders, and the winners of the artistic performance division of the  2008 World Yo-Yo Contest! Did I mention that John has his own special edition FH Zero? I could go on all day about how awesome John, Rebecca, and Theodore Rocket are.

Getting to spend some of our last day on tour with them was not only a treat, it was an honor.

Thanks for having us guys!

Last Duncan Tour Stop from John Higby on Vimeo.

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Dayton was a highlight in more than way. First, the demo spot was one of the most unique venues we’ve done so far. Crafty Hands is a “booth” at a local “farmer’s market”. Now, when we heard “booth” and “farmer’s market” we imagined organic apples and walking around outside doing demos. When we showed up we found ourselves in a large building at a storefront with a huge crowd. A lot of interest in yo-yos and a lot of interesting people hanging out, ready to learn how to throw.

The other highlight was being able to spend time with one of my closest friends, Joey Fleshman. I’ve known Joey since 2004 and he’s been present at some of the most poignant times of my life. He’s now at Virgina Military Institute on his way to being a nuclear engineer. As always, I cherished the time i got to spend with him, and wished it could have been longer.

Day 81 – History Lesson

Posted in Adventures, Daily Post, Events, Players on November 11th, 2009 by Jack Ringca

Some people are legends and they don’t even know it. We did a demo at the Buford, Georgia Toys R Us and who shows up to throw and demo with us?…..BOB RULE! On the serious, this was one of the greatest gifts that life as ever bestowed upon me and I can’t say enough cool things about him or the experience. The man is so smooth and interesting. He has stories for days and is a true living yo-yo history museum. We are so excited that we intend to dedicate an entire blog post just to his majesty. Keep an eye out for that.


In other news on this demo, Atlanta local, Randy Jansen came out to throw with us along with Uri Gotschalk and Steven Kinder from Tallahassee. It’s awesome to see people taking road trips just to meet up with us on the tour. We love it and it makes everything seem more like a rock show than a toy store demo. It’s everything these tours is supposed to be.


Another really cool thing about the Buford demo was that we also had more kids with a serious fire in their belly to learn. Ethan Shaw is a tiny beast that will be so much better than us when he grows up. Simply put, nothing beats a kid that thinks that yo-yos are head and shoulders above his handheld video games and is nowhere near afraid to tell the world about it. That, my friends, is where awesome comes from.JackTeaches

This demo was a real history lesson. We had nearly every generation of American player there and we all had a great time relating to each other over the timeline that we share. Timeless. It’s not a word, it’s a lifestyle.

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Like Dolby Said

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We did two back to back Science Center/Museum demos in two different cities. Adventure Science Center in Nashiville, TN and McWane Science Center in Brimingham, AL. It’s way too cool to be a part of this tour.

Nashville first. We met up with all the Team Chaotix club at the Adventure Science Center and we had one blast of a time. Brandon Jackson and Mark Allen can rally the troops like nobody’s business. We had a huge turn out of players and non players alike. The best part is that as we rounded out the demo it seemed that everyone ended the day a player. Since we had an army of club members, it was easy to get everyone involved and get nearly every person who entered the museum a yoyo on their finger and some personal attention and instruction. It was cool to have the support and enthusiasm of the Nashville players and it was fantastic to trade tricks and stories with them during our time in the city. They know how to make it awesome.

McWane Science Center in Birmingham did not disappoint. We had a few solid players show up(big ups to Brian Wright) and the staff was fantastic. I loved seeing the excitement in the room and the dedication that some of the players showed. I saw kids learn tricks so fast that it made my head spin. Felix is one heck of a teacher and he seriously flexed that skill on this one. I can only hope that I eventually get the touch for teaching that he has and demonstrates.

When it comes down to it, it’s nothing but fun being in science museums teaching yoyo tricks and finding new and interesting concepts to apply to yoyo/spin tops/juggling. It’s like being a part of some sort of year 3000 amusement park. The Futurists would be proud.

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Bear Cat!!!

Posted in Adventures, Daily Post on November 5th, 2009 by Jack Ringca

We had a rare day off in Memphis. I love that “the south” keeps proving that it is rich in culture and history. We got to see the historic birthplace of rock ‘n roll, Sun Studios. It was the place where Howlin Wolf, Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, Rufus Thomas and other got their start.

Country, Blues and Rock n’ Roll are as ingrained into the fabric of this region as Duncan yo-yos and fantastic pancakes. It’s hard to approximate the sounds and feelings of this place to words. So, we hope you enjoy the pictures and get a chance to check out some of the great music from the dawn of rock n’ roll.

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Flips and Tricks

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We found ourself with a little downtime and in close proximity to the golf coast so Marie, Hank, jack and I hopped in the van and headed to see the Golf.

We didn’t have much time, and when we got to the “beach” we soon realized it was be renovated. Bummer. So instead we hung out at a little playground right by where the beach would be. Now, I don’t know about anyone else, but it seems that once you get a yo-yoer on a playground the start doing apparatus on stuff. This time was no different. Sit back, relax and watch Jack throw some freehand while Hank does backflips off the swing set.

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you guys wanna see a trick?

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VIVA AUSTIN! Every place on the planet earth should be this cool(to be fair, some of them are). We started out our first full day here with a morning show appearance on KTBC channel 7. Of course, being on TV is always pretty cool but, this one had a little extra cool to it. When we got there, the first thing that hit me was that they have a really interesting green room. The entire room was set up with Japanese horror movie posters and post cards. I super love Japanese horror films and so, it was more like what I want my bedroom to look like than being in a green room for a TV studio. As for on air, the post shows all the details. Definitely check it out. Joe and Katherine were awesome.

After that, me and the boys went over to Toy Joy and it is everything I imagine a toy store is as an adult child. This is a must see place here in Austin. The outside of the store alone, is a sight to behold. The place is covered in really cool paint and murals and has a stock of some of the quirkiest import toys from around the world. They also have a fantastic staff and a sull service vegan ice cream and soda shop. So hip it hurts and it hurts SO GOOD! Some great kids and adults alike, came out to see the demo and learn a few tricks. On top of all of that Seth fell in love and I got a new best friend. Unfortunately, we had to hustle on out of there to the next demo. I would have liked to spend more time with the staff and store. I intend to make it out there again just to hang out.
Then it was off to a suburb of Austin with perhaps the coolest name I have ever heard: Bee Cave, Texas. The name alone makes me want to move there. It sounds so fancy and dangerous. Holy cow! I had no idea that there were this many kids around that are committed to the idea of learning to play yoyo. The demo was super crowded and we had so many players that wanted to learn that we were short a few yoyos. A big thanks goes out to everyone that had the patience to share and learn together. This is definitely what the spirit of yoyo play is all about and what we want to see in a community. What a successful demo and what an inspiring crowd of young kids. So much fun to be had. It really was over too soon. Thanks goes to Mike and Lisa Schlageter.

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Austin: live music capital of the universe

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Austin, Texas is a musical mecca. So much of what is modern american music owes it’s life to what happens here.  Not only is it the place where so many greats have come to make their name but, it is a place that many come just to be inspired. From country, hip hop, bluegrass, and metal to indie rock, this city is a big part of it all. It really is the live music capital of the world.

Drawing on that and feeling good about touring the USA as a part of this brand, I’ve been thinking more and more about what feels uniquely “american”. I settled on the blues and I couldn’t help but come up with an arrangement  of  “throw duncan” that felt at home here in Austin and like a true extension of the tour. I hope I can do the heritage of this city proud and I hope you can dig it.

“Throw Duncan!”:

You can also download the original here.

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Another Video From Marty!

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Marty From 99.9 KEZ in Phoenix posted another video! Watch it below!

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Breakfasts and Goodbyes

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Today was Paul and Brandon’s last day. These guys are some of the funniest, most intelligent people I’ve had the privilege of working with.

Paul is an incredibly creative individual. Very rarely do I work with someone that bounces so many amazing ideas to me that is overwhelming.

Brandon is one of the hardest workers I know and I swear he doesn’t sleep.

Our last meal of the tour was at this great breakfast place called Matt’s. Local and organic, just how I like it. As we walked up to Matt’s we noticed KEZ 99.9’s on location van out front. Sitting there was Marty Manning, one of the radio personalities. When he saw our “Duncan Yo-Yo Professional” shirts he pulled out the camera and did a cool segment about our stay in Phoenix. Watch it below!

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