Day 96 – Last Day Of Tour

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We started our last  day with a news spot in Hartford Connecticut on local news Fox 61. After our last news spot of the tour, we got to spend some of our day with the Yo-Yo People!

If you aren’t familiar with the Yo-Yo People, they are world renowned entertainers John and Rebecca Higby. And the newest addition to the yo-yo people, Theodore Rocket Higby!


John and Rebecca have traveled the globe entertaining and bringing the world of yo-yo to kids and grownups alike. They are also 2008 Guinness World Record Holders, and the winners of the artistic performance division of the  2008 World Yo-Yo Contest! Did I mention that John has his own special edition FH Zero? I could go on all day about how awesome John, Rebecca, and Theodore Rocket are.

Getting to spend some of our last day on tour with them was not only a treat, it was an honor.

Thanks for having us guys!

Last Duncan Tour Stop from John Higby on Vimeo.

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Stellabella Toys

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Our demo at Stellabella Toys in Dedham Massachusetts today was way fun. Not only did we have several seasoned yo-yo players show up, but Jeff Coons joined us as well! The parents were full of Duncan love today too! One dad brought his Imperial that he had as a child and when he started throwing the smiles were endless. It’s always great to see the parents who loved yo-yoing as a child helping get their kids into it. My grandfather taught me some of the basics when I was young with his green Imperial, so to see it happening with another father and son takes me back.

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Day 94 Part 1 – Framingham Massachusetts

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We started today with a demo at the Framingham Massachusetts Toys R Us. When we arrived we were greeted by a few local yo-yo players. Which always makes the demo tons of fun. Getting to exchange tricks, stories, and try out new yo-yos always brings joy to a yo-yo players day. But before we knew it, it was time to head to our next stop. Canton Massachusetts, here we come!

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Day 93 Part 2 – Brookline, MA

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Jeff Coons joined Seth, Nate and I for or our second part of day 93 on tour. We had a tour stop in Brookline, Ma at Eureka Puzzles! But this was no ordinary tour stop. Eureka Puzzles had done a VERY good job of promoting our demo. Such a good job, that they had to book the Marriot across the street to hold the crowd! Once we arrived there were over 120 people in attendance ready to see what the Duncan Crew was bringin’. We performed demos and gave a seminar on yo-yo play, equipment, and competition. And after the educational experience, we taught the new players how to use their new Duncan yo-yos. We had a great time being with so many people ready to learn, and experience what yo-yoing is about.

Day 85 – Philadelphia!

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After eating a late breakfast at a Philadelphia Diner Mark, Seth and I headed to our demo at Toys R Us. Where Danny Severance, and Kyle Dixon came to hang out with us. Kyle also brought one of Landon Balk’s custom 1970’s Duncan Butterfly’s with him. These things are super awesome as they feature a ball bearing modification to make it play like some of the newer Duncan gear. After the demo we had hit the road fast. See you soon New York City!

_MG_8040 (Small)

_MG_8049 (Small)

_MG_8036 (Small)

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Special Guests!

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Today’s Toys R Us demo in Baileys Crossroads, VA had some special guests! Tom Connolly, and Dick Stohr came out and had some fun with us.

_MG_7959 (Small)

_MG_7961 (Small)

Not only did Tom bring his yo-yos, he also brought his tops with him and showed off some fancy moves.

_MG_7980 (Small)

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Yo-Yo Joes!

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Today was a blast!

Getting to check out Joe Mitchell’s new store “Yo-Yo Joes” was such a fun time. Joe Mitchell has been a part of the yo-yo community for as long as I can remember. His family owned and operated a local toy/hobby shop called “Mitchells Toys Trains & Hobbies” until it closed last year. But Joe was quick to open his own store which specializes in what he loves, TOYS!

_MG_7883 (Small)

Mitchell’s was known amongst the yo-yo community as home of the Mitchell’s Yo-Yo Club where players such as Tyler Severance, Tressley Cahill, Jon Rob, Danny Severance, Justin Weber and more gathered to trade tricks, and talk yo-yo with their friends on a weekly basis. This tradition still lives at Joe’s new shop! Along with their “Wall Of Fame” program. Myself along with Mark Hayward got to join the wall last night after completing the wall of fame trick list!

_MG_7892 (Small)

It’s an honor to see my mug shot on the wall amongst the other players, and to get to meet some of the other wall of famer’s.

_MG_7927 (Small)

Thanks for having us Joe!

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A very special video that EVERY player should see….

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While in Atlanta Seth Peterson, Jack Ringca, and I had the opportunity to spend some time with Bob “Mr. Yo-Yo” Rule.

This week has been such an inspiration as he shared his priceless collection, knowledge, and friendship with us. After showing us his
collection he shared something with us that blew our minds with sheer awesomeness.

Thanks to Bob Rule, and the Brown family..we present to you long lost footage from the Duncan 1962 National Yo-Yo Contest.

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Cant wait to come back to Georgia.

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Today was our last day in Georgia :(
But our new friend/hero Bob Rule came out to our final Georgia demo to spend some time with us and learn some new tricks before our departure. And so did Doug Grice! Seth taught them both Boingy Boing! Bob’s daughter also came out to the demo along with his grandson who was excited to learn some new tricks from his grandad. Before we knew it we had everyone wanting to learn!




Soon after putting a yo-yo in their hands, Lindsay and sister Shelby had mastered the basics as well! Nothing is more exciting than teaching someone how to yo-yo and seeing the look on their face when they first land a trick. Its priceless.


After our demo we spent our last hour in Georgia with Bob to record the commentary for a special video to be released tommorow. Keep an eye out for that! Its something that every yo-yoer should take the time to watch.

During our drive from Marietta Georgia to Richmond Virginia, Seth and I decided to stop and eat in North Carolina. And who better to take a break with than Ed Haponik? Thanks for coming out Ed!



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Today we had the opportunity to spend some time with Bob Rule at his place before heading to our demo at Learning Express in Woodstock. Bob has one amazing collection with stories to match each and every yo-yo. It’s easy to lose track of time and spend hours talking with him and looking over his relics of yesteryear that yoyoing has brought to him.




Bob decided to join us for our demo later that day, which was a blast. Several local yo-yo players showed up to hang out with us as well. Having Doug Grice, Jim Panky, and Bob Rule by your side is a guarantee to have a good time.  The crowd gathered, and they loved us.




It was truly a great day in Georgia.  After a quick photo op with local guys and the van, we headed to a great dinner. Boy, I sure am going to miss Atlanta!


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