Day 38-39 — Nationals, a Reflection

Posted in Daily Post, Events, Yo-yos, crew on October 4th, 2009 by Emil Lamprecht

So this was my first time at the National Yo-yo competition, and I have to say that despite being really tired from our crazy schedule this past week I really enjoyed it. Top notch, truly.

Hank Freeman is the 3A National Champ
Jeff Coons is the 3rd best offstring player in the Nation
Hung out with all the cool people I already knew
Met TONS of awesome people I didn’t know
Mongu Hoodies… so good.

In terms of promoting yo-yo, and the players, and just overall as an event; Nationals really rocked. I was pretty impressed.

So now what? Well we took off from Chico, CA after a couple gigs today and are now hanging out in Sacramento for a couple days. I’ve got Paul Escolar and Mark Hayward with me now and as I’ve found all Duncan Crew to be, these guys are nothing buy 24/7 entertainment. If you’re in the area make sure to come check us out.


P.S. I accidentally shot everything this weekend in Raw… might take me a little bit to get these up. :-/

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