Top 10 Tour Memories… So far

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The tour has been great so far. A lot of work has gone into it but the pay-offs are tremendous. I’m taking a month off the tour but will rejoin for the final trek from Houston to the end.

So, as I wait to make more memories, I’ll share my favorite ones so far, in no particular order:

10. Wizard’s Chest. For me there are 5 core yo-yo clubs that have had a ton of influence on me, and yo-yoing: Spin Dox, DXL, A2Z, Mitchell’s (now Yo-Yo Joe’s) and Wizards Chest. Wizard’s Chest was such a rad place and the crew there was great. Back in the turn of the millennium they had some really cool contests features in the now defunct “Yo-Yo World” Magazine. The contests looked amazing, the players where good and the prizes where epic (Giant checks done by Higby!).

9. Pearl. Jen Kori has a pet tarantula, her name is Pearl. Now, I’m not a super macho guy, but I also try not to be to squeamish about stuff. But, let me tell you holding a tarantula kinda freaked me out!

8. High Wheel Bikes. Thanks to the guys @ Rocky Mountain High Wheel ( for a crash course (not literally, thankfully) on riding High Wheel Bikes. We had a lot of fun and I really want to get one now.

7. Garden of the Gods/Pike’s Peak. Such a cool nature area. Words just can’t do it justice, youll have to wait for pics and video. While Nate and I weren’t as adventurous as Emil, we still managed to do the first mile of the hike. It was breathtaking, literally. I was surprised how much thinner the air was and how out of shape I felt!

6.Dale Myrberg. One of the National Grand Masters, and one great man. If I spent a week in Salt Lake City I still don’t think I could hear a fraction of his yo-yo stories. A ture master of the yo-yo, Myrberg is  a testimony to the longevity of the yo-yo. Thank you Dale, for all you’ve done and all your still doing.

5. Hill Top Guesthouse. If your ever in Denver and need a place to stay, STAY HERE! Hill Top ( was one of the nicest places we stayed on tour. There are fireplaces in every room, best pillows ever, really great rates, and chocolates on your night stand. But what made it that much more amazing was the breakfast! Instead of the regular doughnuts, apples, cereal and coffee hotels usually have they have a chief on duty to make you whatever you wanted! Omelets, fluffy pancakes, breakfast potatoes, parfaits, home made breads, fresh fruit… you get the idea.

4. Penny Arcade. This arcade opened in the 1930s and its one of the oldest arcades in America. It has machines dating back to the 1910’s! Zombie soccer was my favorite and at a penny a play we spent a lot of time playing it.

3. Felix’s Family. In Manitou Springs we had a show in the park. Jen and I where standing off to the side yo-yoing before the show started. A gentleman walked up and said, “Hi Jen, how are you doing?” Jen’s look of confusion quickly changed to excitement when she realized it was Felix’s dad! Along with Fee’s Father was his Mother and Sister. I always am happy to see families of yo-yoers show up to demos/shows/clubs even without their yo-yoer. The fact that yo-yoing means so much to someone that means so much to them is a real honor.

2. Jon and Jen. Jon Gates came up with the bind. And more over he came up with it as a way to make an off string yo-yo come back. So lets see, thats 1 division that wouldn’t even exist, and one that has grown with leaps and bounds, thanks to Jon. Not to mention over 20 years working in, and with, the yo-yo industry. One of the unsung heros that more people should know about. Next time you see Jon at a demo/club/contest ask him to tell you a story from a tour or a contest, you wont be disappointing. And then there’s Jen, one of the sweetest, quirky, passionate yo-yoers we hung out with on tour. I’m pretty sure if we didn’t have a demo the next day we would have stayed up all night talking about yo-yos. I think i speak for everyone on tour when I say, “Quit your job and come on tour Jen”!

1. Nate and Emil. This is the real core of the tour. Some people would cringe at the idea of spending 2 weeks, 24/7 with two people you hardly know and to be honest I was a little weary of it too. But I’m so glad I could share the first part of the tour with those guys. We razzed each other like brothers. Looked out for each other like best friends. And laughed with each other till we cried.

Thanks to everyone who I’ve met so far, and I can’t wait to meet the rest of you!


Thanks Dr. Yo-yo!

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Chris came by our demo at the Learning Express yesterday, took a bunch of pictures and then blogged about how awesome we obviously are. Check it out: