Some Pictures To Catch Up

Posted in Cameras, Yo-yos on October 12th, 2009 by Emil Lamprecht

I just wanted to throw up some of the pictures I didn’t have time to process the past couple days. The little gallery below includes pictures from out last day in SF, both at the scheduled demo, and demoing for a group of science field trip kids on the beach! They saw the word Duncan on our shirts from a distance and called out “show us some yo-yo tricks!”, not even a question which Duncan it was. S we put on a little demo and now their teacher sports a shiny new Screaming Eagle cap!

Apart from that I occasionally like to remind myself that when I’m not just shooting at demos I do photographic work that, if nothing else, entertains me. Sometimes, with only a brief idea and spotting the right light I can put together some cool pictures.


I just happen to really enjoy the one above. But the one below was very purposefully a shout out to Red, DCB. Red does some pretty cool yo-yo photography, and even has a book of it out now that you should totally check out. ‘Sup Red!

Red Shout Out

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Day 45-46 — Shocking, Really

Posted in Daily Post, Players, Update on October 12th, 2009 by Emil Lamprecht

I know recently I just keep talking about what a blur things are and how fast we’re moving, but honestly it continues to be shocking to me how much momentum we’ll suddenly pick up and how sustained it is!

The past twoish days are one big blur in my mind, and mostly because they’ve been so exciting. There are a lot of players in the LA area, and between busy demos we’ve had a chance to visit and spend time with many of them. Another perk of LA is how many friends I have here. Literally hundreds of Emerson Alumni who I’ve known for years live and work in this area and being able to see them here and there has been awesome. It seems they might even be throwing us players a last minute party in honor of our brief visit. I’m really excited to just hang out and talk with people instead of squeeze them in during or between demos! Check this, my big sister also lives down here. We haven’t seen each other for more than a year! We’ll be meeting up sometime early this week, I’m wicked excited.

Anyway, as mentioned before demos have been great. Promenade and Valencia Puzzle Zoo stores were both active with high volume foot traffic and as a result some high volume yo-yoing. The staff at both stores were really really cool people and seemed really happy to have us there. I hope we managed to entertain them as much as they did us! We also had a couple players come out to visit and some kids who are learning to juggle as well.

Today’s demos were really different than most of our past gigs, just by demographic and type of location. Small Wonders is in Rolling Hill Estates just south of LA, and Tom’s Toys is a relatively famous store in Beverly Hills. With some high class clientele, complimented by high class store owners and staff, I have to say it was a good time! Except, sad day, my phone kicked the bucket. I’ve had an iPhone for some time now, and this summer it ended up with a heavy shattering crack in the screen. However! All was well for months and month until… dun dun duuun, today. With a slight slip and small flip the phone made contact with a surface just hard enough to knock it out for good. Lets hope I can find a replacement ASAP!!!!!!

Tomorrow is Toys’R'Us in Glendale, 4-6, don’t miss us!

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