Day 26 – It’s a small world

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Hello blog readers and blog reader-ettes. This here is Nate Sutter bestowing some funky blog knowledge upon you.

Let me start by saying this tour has been awesome to the max. Everytime that we pull into a new city my mind is blown away by what crazy and exciting things we discover, and what new awesome friends we make. Each city just keeps getting better. Kansas City was no exception.

The story starts with a bit of something Emil mentioned already on the blog. We met a juggler on Saturday evening who was drawn to us because of Emil yo-yoing. He introduced himself and said he was just starting out with yo-yos. He also mentioned that he was a clown from the Ringling circus and was working on an act involving yo-yos with another clown. We chatted and had much to talk about. He then invited Emil and myself to the circus the following day. Lucky for us, the circus fit right into our schedule. We went back to the hotel, got some work done and got some good rest after a long day.

The next day we woke up early and hungry. Our demonstration was at a Toys ‘R Us in Overland Park. The show was extremely close to our hotel so we had time for a good breakfast, and good it was. The demonstration went very well. We had quite a few people show up excited to see us, after seeing our other show on television the day before. Little John showed up and was a riot as usual. Kansas City; let me tell it to you straight. Little John is the bee’s knees! I officially nominate him as a candidate for first president of the official Kansas City yo-yo club. Getting back to the story now, our demonstration wrapped up and we hurried to the sports arena to meet the clown from the night before backstage. After a little bit of waiting and some elephant crossing he greeted us cheerily and led us to clown alley. We met some of the other clowns and started showing off tricks and talking about yo-yos. It wasn’t long before he tells us that the other clown he is working on the yo-yoing with goes by the name of Kricket.

It is at this point in the story that I almost dropped some masonry if you know what I mean. Let me explain. I have this cousin that I haven’t seen in probably more than five years. Last I heard he had joined the circus and was a clown with the same name. I realized that they could be the same person. Almost immediately after this realization my Cousin Jim walks around the corner with a big smile on his half clown painted face. We man hugged like tough guys and then discussed the inexplicability of this happenstance. We caught up a bit, and I showed off some tricks that I thought would be good for clowning. Unfortunately, it was about time for the pre-show to start. Emil and I made our way out to the arena floor and met up with our new and old clown friends in full clown costume. The pre-show was fun; Emil and I got a chance to see some of the performers do routines.

Showtime came around and it was WICKED AWESOME. I had never seen a Ringling Brothers circus show before. It is a big to do! The costumes were both ridiculous and amazing. There was singing, dancing, animals, jokes and clowns. After the show Emil and I went to dinner and shortly after headed to the Ringling train. This part is amazing to me, that the Ringling Circus still travels by train. Anyways, Kricket shows us his room and the first thing I spot is a Peelander Z poster. For those of you who do not understand, Peelander Z is a Japanese action comic punk band from New York City that plays each year at the International yo-yo open. Needless to say, instant awesomeness. We headed to a nearby room and played yo-yos until the wee hours of the night. We talked, laughed and joked around until it was past all of our bed times.

It was awesome.


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Day 26-27 — A Day at the Circus

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So there is one particular part of Day 26 that should absolutely be told, but I will leave that story to the Sutter Master to relate to you all. I will say however that we continued to love Kansas City and the people in it. A solid TRU demo followed by an entire afternoon and evening at the Circus… incredible.

Between teaching yo-yo tricks in Clown Alley and then experiencing Ringling Bros first hand both back stage and front… man we felt like yo-yo rock stars. Ringling itself is a production of EPIC proportion that runs like a well oiled piece of machinery and it was awesome to see the cogs lying around or hanging out cracking jokes before all coming together for the massive presentation that is that show.

Important points:
- Elephants are awesome.
- Tigers are scary.
- Motorcycles wizzing around a steal ball of death is SO COOL!!
- Chinese Jugglers are too good for reality.
- Some acrobatic stunts just shouldn’t be possible by humans.

In many ways circus shows have been turning more and more into a glorified form of children’s theater, but honestly, who cares! Its still awesome animals and crazy stunts. Big thanks and props to our friends Aji and Kricket in the clown car for having us along, and if you guys are reading this, can’t wait to run into you again some time!

And day 27? News program, demo at cool store, but the real news? Seth is back on board and with us through to nationals! We might or might not have a box of Mongu Hoodies. Maybe, who knows, it’s just one of those silly rumors.

Next up? Looooooooooooooooooong drive to Colorado. :-)

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