Day 18 – Minnesota Part 2

Posted in Clubs, Daily Post, Players, Update, Yo-yos on September 13th, 2009 by Emil Lamprecht

We’ve continued our busy streak today and as a result are both happy and dog tired. James and Nate are both snoring so loud right now the lamp shade next to me is vibrating. Its hard core! Case in point, we’ve been running around and I’m ready to pass out but want to share with you how cool today was first.

We had a total of three gigs today. First was our appearance on the internet streaming yo-yo show, String Burn Live! I got to meet Josh last night who is super cool and met Sean (the co-host) when we arrived at the studio this morning. It was a really fun morning despite (if you were watching) the little trouble getting broadcast going. They brought me on to do the interview and then Nate taught Sean his very own Sutter Copter for the tutorial segment.

When we were done with our segments on the show we ran out of there and rushed to the Southdale Mall for our first demonstration of the day. Our second was at the same store brand but this time the Burnsville mall. Both of today’s demos were at Games by James stores and though the two malls they were in were reasonably close to each other, they were very different demos and stores. Both went well however and the staff at both were cool people. Again I was pleasantly surprised at how many players showed up! We had a different crew of players to hang out with at both gigs and they, as always, added a lot of pizzaz to our presence and made it REALLY fun for us.

Today we also had Dave Schulte with us, who when it comes to random interaction in hallway malls I’m not sure you can get better than this guy. Super outgoing, on point and driven the whole day through, it was nice for us to have someone we could feed a little energy off of when we felt sluggish.

Our last stop of the day was the College of the Easily Amused, a big yo-yo club that meets in a cafe in the South West quadrant of Minneapolis. Here we saw again pretty much every player we had run into the past couple days plus some more. It was a great time just hanging out, taking pictures, video, playing yo-yo, juggling, etc etc etc. Great finish to a long active day, check out the pics!

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