Flips and Tricks

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We found ourself with a little downtime and in close proximity to the golf coast so Marie, Hank, jack and I hopped in the van and headed to see the Golf.

We didn’t have much time, and when we got to the “beach” we soon realized it was be renovated. Bummer. So instead we hung out at a little playground right by where the beach would be. Now, I don’t know about anyone else, but it seems that once you get a yo-yoer on a playground the start doing apparatus on stuff. This time was no different. Sit back, relax and watch Jack throw some freehand while Hank does backflips off the swing set.

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Murky Waters. Clearly Awesome.

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Momentum carries us through this thing and sometimes, we have no idea that it’s on our side. We got up for our second and final day in Houston super pumped from the previous day’s events. Sometimes, lightning strikes twice.

We got out of the hotel and ran off to pick up Marie again and then off to the gulf to show the mid-westerners the ocean. We did some interesting stuff with playground equipment(more on that later), Hank did a backflip from a swing and Marie took pictures of the Atlantic for the folks back home. It’s just so cool to have extended family around. A little bit of a woman’s presence in the van keeps things a little more civil as well. Besides, she is a really cool girl and we had an enlightening conversation about world events and history on the way to lunch and then to the gig. It’s not every day that we get that out of life.
We went on over to our next demo and it was instantly cool. We had been warned that The ladies at the Learning Express in Cypress TX had spirit in spades. The warnings were well deserved. I cannot begin to tell you the energy level that runs through that store. Enthusiasm, heart and excitement are easy to come by. We were welcomed by a reporter from the Houston Chronicle who interviewed us for an upcoming feature and one amped staff. They were soon joined by an equally rambunctious audience of kids and the demo was on fire. The store quickly sold out of their fanciest Duncan yo-yos and had to restock a few times to keep up. The excitement only set up the mood for bigger things and bigger things came for sure!
Now, not only does the Houston, TX area have one up and coming club, it has two. We discussed with the owners of the Cypress, TX Learning Express and the Cypress Yo-Yo Club was born. The ladies that run that shop have SERIOUS spirit and hopefully they will keep the home fires burning for yo-yos for years to come. So, yo-yo players, stop by this shop any time you can. They are all up for supporting the scene and they could easily become a destination for players from all around. DuncanCrew.org club finder is your friend.
Knowing that you’ve set some hearts ablaze with a love for Duncan and Yo-yos is the best send off a city could ever provide. We can’t thank the Houston area enough. Thank you thank you thank you.

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more important than dogs

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Power up! We are big stars and now the entire greater Houston, TX area knows it. We started out our first full day there on the biggest morning show around there. Being on Great Day Houston! is an experience! KHOU knows how to throw a party.

It is often said that you can be judged by the company that you keep. If this is true, we are the cream of the crop. The episode of Great Day Houston that we were on started out with R&B singer, Eric Benet. For those that don’t know, he’s a huge deal and one of the biggest R&B/soul singers on the scene these days. After him, they led into a sequence with Tori Halbert, who was a finalist on the TV show Design Star. There were a few more pieces and then they led into us. Nothing proves that we are the baddest(bad meaning good) tour on the road like being the icing on that cake. Debbie Duncan(that’s right, just like the yoyo) was a gracious host and she conducted the interview like a champ. I can’t thank her enough although, we did our best by managing to provide the entire studio audience with yoyos. I know, I know, I know….you wish you were there. We wish you were too.
We had another super interesting and unexpected surprise right after our morning spot on KHOU, We got a phone call that looked like it was coming from the Czech Republic. Amazingly, it was coming from right there in Houston! As it turns out, Marie Kordovsky, sister of Duncan Crew Member Jan “korda” Kordovsky, just happened to be in Houston as a part of her foreign exchange program. Do the surprises ever stop? We got together with her and had lunch. It was cool to talk to her and find out a little about what was going down in the czech yoyo scene and how the family abroad is doing. We just couldn’t let her dine and dash so, we took her along to our demo at Toys R Us.
And what a great demo it turned out to be. We had a heap of old school(late 90’s) players come out as well as some great new young players. On the old school front, we had John and Patty McCann out there. The world hadn’t seen a glimpse of them playing yoyo in a good 5-7 years but, man oh man it was way too cool to see them getting their sea legs back and killing it with style. They reminded us of why it was that the late ’90s provided the world with such a passion for yoyos. They play was cool and their tricks are among the best. Too fancy for words. John’s wife, Jessica, also got in on it for the first time. She learned 5 tricks and all was right with the world.
From the old to the new, we then met some really cool new blood. Alvin Simon! that kid has it going on. He claims to be Hank Freeman’s biggest fan. I didn’t have the heart to tell him that I am in fact Hank’s biggest fan but, I did teach him some new tricks and he sucked them up like a sponge. I love it when that happens.
Jameson Larkins also came out and proved once and for all that all it takes is a spark to start a fire. We traded tricks with all the kids and started talking about what it takes to build a scene. The unthinkable happened next.

Houston is well on its way to getting a new yoyo club! Jameson, Alvin, John and Patty are hype on the idea and they decided that it’s time to make big moves. At our demo they even made some. They’ll be getting together soon and everyone in the Houston area absolutely must be a part of it. Keep an eye on DuncanCrew.org and the club locater to see when it’s going down. You’ll want to be there to build the scene and to be one of the pioneers looking back.

And it bears repeating, Korda’s sister was there for it all!

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Austin: live music capital of the universe

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Austin, Texas is a musical mecca. So much of what is modern american music owes it’s life to what happens here.  Not only is it the place where so many greats have come to make their name but, it is a place that many come just to be inspired. From country, hip hop, bluegrass, and metal to indie rock, this city is a big part of it all. It really is the live music capital of the world.

Drawing on that and feeling good about touring the USA as a part of this brand, I’ve been thinking more and more about what feels uniquely “american”. I settled on the blues and I couldn’t help but come up with an arrangement  of  “throw duncan” that felt at home here in Austin and like a true extension of the tour. I hope I can do the heritage of this city proud and I hope you can dig it.

“Throw Duncan!”:

You can also download the original here.

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Rolling with the Gossip

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If ever there was a day that the media smiled on our tour, today was the day. Bright and early, we wrapped up our time in Dallas with a stop at WFAA channel 8 for an interview on “Good Morning Texas”. They put together a variety of pieces for us to be a part of. In addition to our interview and yoyo demonstration, they also featured country singer, Granger Smith and the Leeland High School Wranglers dance group. Rob and Paige greeted us and were fun people to guide us through our on air time. After we were done, it was revealed to us that the entire thing was shown on the huge screens attached to the American Airlines Center. The flattering moments out here just don’t seem to stop. Some days, you just feel hip.

Next up, we planned to drive straight on down to Waco for our next shows but, I just had to have the guys stop by a western wear outlet. It’s not every day that we are in Texas and the Wranglers just inspired me to want fancy cowboy shirts. So, I had Seth and Hank hang out whilst I tried on and subsequently purchased some SERIOUSLY cool cowboy threads. They really know how to embroider a shirt in Texas. So cool. So Texas.
Eventually, I was torn from the draw of hip western wear and we were off to our next shows in Waco. This is where things got a little interesting. It turned out that we were scheduled for a demo at Toys R Us and an on air appearance on Waco’s KWTX 10 at the same time. So, I opted to handle the show in the studio and meet up with the other fellas just after at the Toys R Us. The KWTX crew was fantastic. KC was cool enough to give me a ride to the studio and show me around and it seemed the entire staff was buzzing about the fact that I was there. I had no less than ten visitors to the green room to see me do a mini demo BEFORE I went on air to tell the entire Waco metropolitan area about the demo at Toys R Us. And the on air experience at KWTX was really cool. I had an interview with Gordon and he was just the coolest guy. He even took the time to rap with me a little about spin tops and juggling gear after the interview was wrapped. Talking with him and Megan really made me feel like they care about their stories and the people behind them.
I finished up with the studio and hustled on over to the Toys R Us where I found the demo picking up steam nicely. Department manager, Glynn, was helping hype the crowd and even getting involved himself by learning a few tricks himself. It was cool to see him show serious interest in the products/event and even have a little fun with it. There is just no way that working in a toy store can be all business all the time and Glynn definitely makes for a fun atmosphere in his store. We had some younger kids out there and it seemed they were all super committed to learning to throw. If Bradon, Jonathan(thanks for bringing him, Marie) and Hayden stick with it, Waco will have a solid yoyo scene in no time flat. We saw some evidence that at one point, Waco already did have a powerhouse yoyo scene. Hayden’s grandfather, Steven Uphair, came out and threw both bearing and fixed axle yoyos like an old pro. It was awesome. He said that he hadn’t played in years or decades but, he just drilled through the basic ten tricks as if he had practiced them for 10 hours yesterday. He learned a few newer moves from us and this only goes to show, you may not be able to teach an old dog new tricks but, Nobody Has To Be An Old Dog! You too can have fun forever and show the youngsters a thing or two at any age. So inspiring, So Texas!

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privacy locks are a must and more life lessons

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There is nothing like cramming a tons of really fun experiences into a single day. Today started out with a good breakfast and heading out to Toy Maven here in Dallas. The crew at Toy Maven is one of the most giving groups of people i have run into anywhere. The demo was well attended, well organized and straight up cool. All of the kids in attendance were super excited about learning more about yoyos and it seemed that the time just flew by. We even spent a little time after the demo to have a little lunch with the staff at Toy Maven. A very special word of thanks goes out to them and our new best friend, Harrison. He has only been playing for a little over a year but, he has come a seriously long way and will be a force to reckon with in the future yoyo scene.
Later this afternoon, we went on over to the Learning Express(Dallas) and that was a demonstration full of one exciting moment after another. At first, we were slightly overwhelmed with how well attended it was. So many people stopped by and learned from us, it was hard to take it all in. It was definitely great to see so many people from so many walks of life coming to a show and getting involved. Men and women, boys and girls from all ages, there were there and they were hyped up on yoyos. And just when you think things had hit a  fever pitch, the current USA National FH Yoyo champion shows up and lends a hand. Miguel Correa is one of the coolest guys around and it was cool to see him interacting with yoyo fans at our demo. He was definitely an inspiration to a lot of the youngsters who came out.
With so much momentum built up around us, we couldn’t end our day just because we had finished up our demos. We had a quick snack and Miguel showed us some of the sights of Dallas. As it turns out, I have a fascination with records and CDs so, Miguel took us to his favourite record store, Good Records, and I found some things I had been on the lookout for. Of course, we cause a bit of a ruckus everywhere we go so, the trip to the record store becomes a mini in store appearance. Then, on our way out, we meet up with some artists who just happen to be painting a mural across the street(stainless studios). They fell in love with the art that Whip! did on the van and so, we filled them in on everything there was to know about his art and the tour and yoyos in general. Naturally, this also becomes a impromptu demo and it’s just fun. From there, we decided to do a little clothing shopping at the local Buffalo Exchange before dinner. Yet again, we cause a ruckus just by being us and the staff at the exchange has us doing yet another impromptu demo. They ended up taking our picture for the store and telling us that us being there was heaps cooler than any of the “rockstar visits” they’d had. It feels pretty good to be told that you are ten times cooler than the killers. After all of that, we head off for dinner.

What better way to cap off the day than to add yet another yoyo champion to the mix. We met up with Yuuki Spencer(3 time USA national Champ/2 time World champ 1A) and have a pleasant evening of dinner, trading tricks and conversations about the history of yoyo. Did you know that the yoyo that Yuuki used to win the world yoyo contest in 2002 was a 1st generation bionic Freehand? That made me even more excited to have special edition bionic Freehand Zeros available on this tour. What a cool way to give a nod to the history that we’re all a part of. With 5 taste makers of the world yoyo scene sitting around a dinner table discussing what we’re all a part of, not only do we stand on the shoulders of a strong history, it seems that we are still in the process of writing it.

On days like these, it is very clear that we are nothing but lucky for being ourselves.

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Inside Look – What’s Ridin’

Posted in Players, Yo-yos on October 15th, 2009 by Emil Lamprecht

So check this, we have some awesome product in the van that I want everyone to be aware of. First up we’ve got Screaming Eagle  shirts, and Screaming Eagle hats; but cooler still we have girl tees with the old butterfly logo on it!

Second up, we’ve got 80th Anniversary Zeros. These are regular zeros, awesome caps, comes with an extra set of white 80th caps as well, wicked deal for a zero if you don’t care about the packaging…

Third up, 2009 World Yo-Yo Contest  Zeros! I don’t know why but the colors on these looks awesome and the logo printed super duper really well. We’re running out though so grab these sooner than later!

Third up, Nationals Bionic Zeros… yes, these are actually as cool as you think they are.

Fourth in line is real life Screaming Eagles! We’ve got 4 MayheMs, 2 Vendettas and 2 MomentuMs left in the van. If you can make it to a demo you can try all three and tell us what you think. If you haven’t tried one, trust me, you need to. Its imperative to your existence as a yo-yo player…

Lastly is something extra special. The Mod Father out of Cleveland, OH has done a special run of recesses and reshapes for us and we’ve got them for sale in the van. These mods are awesome, do NOT miss out on this stuff. I’m just going to tease you with this grainy underground pic, but we’ve got the works in this bunch so definitely come check it out.

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Day 49 – So Cal, who wouldn’t want to be here, honestly!

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Today’s post will be short and sweet, though I hopefully have another post coming at you in the next few hours here.

We’ve arrived in the San Diego area. Specifically La Jolla which is a beautiful upscale town that rests on a peninsula just north of San Diego. Believe it or not, these are old stomping grounds for me. I’ve spent the majority of my time in California either in San Francisco (a home off and on for several years) or in La Jolla (my favorite holiday get-away). This place is beautiful, clean, and is home to the development of the entire surfer culture.

After a solid and active demo at Totally Thomas Toy Depot, we did dinner with some friends and did something I’ve been waiting to do for weeks. We jumped in the ocean. Now I wanted to be sure to introduce the guys to La Jolla waters the proper way, that being the most intimidating, dangerous and yet reasonable I could think of so I drove them down to Windansea. Windansea is a rough tumble rocks and seaweed beach with soft sand and some of the heaviest surf you’ll ever see during an off season. This beach is where surfing was made into a sport, and these waves (and rip-tide) are no joke. As its been a year or two at least since my last visit, it was fantastic to breath the air, walk the paths I know by heart and jump into that wonderfully dangerous and cold ocean.

You done with the romantic part of the story? Ok, well how about when we high-tailed it out of there because the cops came checking down the beach to make sure no idiots-aka us-were getting in the water at night. :-p Don’t worry, there is nothing illegal and we kept everyone behind the break line, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t a funny finish to a fantastic night.

Tomorrow is my last day of the tour. I’ll be posting blogs for a while as I might now finally have a chance to edit video, and would like to look back on my solid 50 days on the road demonstrating and share them with all of you.

Unfortunately no pictures of the beach today, but some of the earlier demo. Oh, and I love how this post is my version of “short and sweet”, HAH!

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41-43 — A Fast Three Days

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Wow, three days have wizzed by and its all a bit of a blur. Its just Paul and I right now, and between gigs and players we’ve been pretty much booked solid! Unfortunately we had to say good bye to Mr. Hayward two days ago (he flew out of Sacramento early yesterday). It was awesome to have him on board, I wish he could have stayed longer! Alas he had other commitments to attend to so I hope we’ll see him again here and there when we hit the upper east coast.

Our locations have all been pretty good, notably today’s locations had a lot of traffic as we’re now later in the week and I have to throw a big thanks to the staff at the Wooden Horse and D&J for being wicked interactive and a big part of the fun. Everyone was really into learning how to teach yo-yo as well as how to actually yo-yo themselves and as a result we had a whole crowd of people working with the kids. It was great.

I have to say though, for me this leg of the tour has been a trip down memory lane. I lived off and on in San Francisco for 6 years, but its now been more than 3 years since my last visit and a lot has changed, both me and the city. Its really cool to walk around this place having traveled exponentially more around the world since my last visit and have little nostalgic moments and be able to still appreciate the beauty and awesomeness of this city. It really is a hip place, and full of cool people.

Last night we came into the city to meet up with some players and hung out in particular with Seth who is still hanging around. I got to go down to where my old gigs were and as you can see below I posed in the action of trying to break in. But check it out, our name is still on the buzzer! Apartment B baby, Lamprecht and Muller-Eberhard! I guess they still miss us.

Anyway, thanks to bay area players, Jamba Juice, the Golden Gate Bridge, and our locations for being awesome, and if your in the area we’ve got A Child’s Delight and Talbots coming up tomorrow. Should be pretty rad.


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Day 36 – Last Day In Utah

Posted in Adventures, Daily Post, Update, crew on September 30th, 2009 by Emil Lamprecht

Well Utah its been fun. We were delirously tired for a lot of our visit, but the response to our presence was top notch. We met up with a LOT of people.

Firstly, I really should mention Nate Shurilla, who’s met up with us at BYU a few times and is a top notch player and top notch dude. Nate, if you’re reading this, you ROCK. And I can’t wait to show the world what you look like tied into a pretzel throwing loops. :-p
(just wait folks, its pretty funny).

I started our last day in Utah by running off to a radio station. Yoyo? Radio? I know, odd right, but stick with me. Yesterday through our friend Big Buddah I got in touch with a regional morning radio personality. He was really interested in having one of us on in the morning just to chit chat and joke around. I got up NICE and early and ran off in the rain to the radio station. Synopsis? I was TOTALLY under prepared, but it was AWESOME. This dude Steve Harmon is a riot. First and foremost he failed to warm me that they post videos and come up with random challenges for guests… as a result we have some very embarrassing footage of me. I was so tired I couldn’t hit ANYTHING on the spot, please feel free to laugh heartily.

Me trying to hit as many tricks as I can in a minute:

Teaching Harmon the Basics:

Anyway, after the show I went to pick up the boys, pack up the hotel and take off towards our demo. After a fantastic lunch we hit the Clark Planetarium where we’ve been all day. I’m actually really surprised by the mix of people we’ve had here, its been a really dynamic demo with spurts of school field trips and such.

Tonight? Oh man, tonight we test our ability to stay awake once again with an 8 hour drive to Reno, NV. If you’re in the area check us out on Channel 8 in the morning, and come hang out at Games Galore!

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