Inside Look – What’s Ridin’

Posted in Players, Yo-yos on October 15th, 2009 by Emil Lamprecht

So check this, we have some awesome product in the van that I want everyone to be aware of. First up we’ve got Screaming Eagle  shirts, and Screaming Eagle hats; but cooler still we have girl tees with the old butterfly logo on it!

Second up, we’ve got 80th Anniversary Zeros. These are regular zeros, awesome caps, comes with an extra set of white 80th caps as well, wicked deal for a zero if you don’t care about the packaging…

Third up, 2009 World Yo-Yo Contest  Zeros! I don’t know why but the colors on these looks awesome and the logo printed super duper really well. We’re running out though so grab these sooner than later!

Third up, Nationals Bionic Zeros… yes, these are actually as cool as you think they are.

Fourth in line is real life Screaming Eagles! We’ve got 4 MayheMs, 2 Vendettas and 2 MomentuMs left in the van. If you can make it to a demo you can try all three and tell us what you think. If you haven’t tried one, trust me, you need to. Its imperative to your existence as a yo-yo player…

Lastly is something extra special. The Mod Father out of Cleveland, OH has done a special run of recesses and reshapes for us and we’ve got them for sale in the van. These mods are awesome, do NOT miss out on this stuff. I’m just going to tease you with this grainy underground pic, but we’ve got the works in this bunch so definitely come check it out.

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Day 45-46 — Shocking, Really

Posted in Daily Post, Players, Update on October 12th, 2009 by Emil Lamprecht

I know recently I just keep talking about what a blur things are and how fast we’re moving, but honestly it continues to be shocking to me how much momentum we’ll suddenly pick up and how sustained it is!

The past twoish days are one big blur in my mind, and mostly because they’ve been so exciting. There are a lot of players in the LA area, and between busy demos we’ve had a chance to visit and spend time with many of them. Another perk of LA is how many friends I have here. Literally hundreds of Emerson Alumni who I’ve known for years live and work in this area and being able to see them here and there has been awesome. It seems they might even be throwing us players a last minute party in honor of our brief visit. I’m really excited to just hang out and talk with people instead of squeeze them in during or between demos! Check this, my big sister also lives down here. We haven’t seen each other for more than a year! We’ll be meeting up sometime early this week, I’m wicked excited.

Anyway, as mentioned before demos have been great. Promenade and Valencia Puzzle Zoo stores were both active with high volume foot traffic and as a result some high volume yo-yoing. The staff at both stores were really really cool people and seemed really happy to have us there. I hope we managed to entertain them as much as they did us! We also had a couple players come out to visit and some kids who are learning to juggle as well.

Today’s demos were really different than most of our past gigs, just by demographic and type of location. Small Wonders is in Rolling Hill Estates just south of LA, and Tom’s Toys is a relatively famous store in Beverly Hills. With some high class clientele, complimented by high class store owners and staff, I have to say it was a good time! Except, sad day, my phone kicked the bucket. I’ve had an iPhone for some time now, and this summer it ended up with a heavy shattering crack in the screen. However! All was well for months and month until… dun dun duuun, today. With a slight slip and small flip the phone made contact with a surface just hard enough to knock it out for good. Lets hope I can find a replacement ASAP!!!!!!

Tomorrow is Toys’R'Us in Glendale, 4-6, don’t miss us!

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41-43 — A Fast Three Days

Posted in Daily Post, Players, Update, crew on October 9th, 2009 by Emil Lamprecht

Wow, three days have wizzed by and its all a bit of a blur. Its just Paul and I right now, and between gigs and players we’ve been pretty much booked solid! Unfortunately we had to say good bye to Mr. Hayward two days ago (he flew out of Sacramento early yesterday). It was awesome to have him on board, I wish he could have stayed longer! Alas he had other commitments to attend to so I hope we’ll see him again here and there when we hit the upper east coast.

Our locations have all been pretty good, notably today’s locations had a lot of traffic as we’re now later in the week and I have to throw a big thanks to the staff at the Wooden Horse and D&J for being wicked interactive and a big part of the fun. Everyone was really into learning how to teach yo-yo as well as how to actually yo-yo themselves and as a result we had a whole crowd of people working with the kids. It was great.

I have to say though, for me this leg of the tour has been a trip down memory lane. I lived off and on in San Francisco for 6 years, but its now been more than 3 years since my last visit and a lot has changed, both me and the city. Its really cool to walk around this place having traveled exponentially more around the world since my last visit and have little nostalgic moments and be able to still appreciate the beauty and awesomeness of this city. It really is a hip place, and full of cool people.

Last night we came into the city to meet up with some players and hung out in particular with Seth who is still hanging around. I got to go down to where my old gigs were and as you can see below I posed in the action of trying to break in. But check it out, our name is still on the buzzer! Apartment B baby, Lamprecht and Muller-Eberhard! I guess they still miss us.

Anyway, thanks to bay area players, Jamba Juice, the Golden Gate Bridge, and our locations for being awesome, and if your in the area we’ve got A Child’s Delight and Talbots coming up tomorrow. Should be pretty rad.


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Day 37 – Reno, NV

Posted in Clubs, Daily Post, Events, Players, Update, Yo-yos, crew on October 2nd, 2009 by Emil Lamprecht

I’ve never been to Nevada except to fly through it, and though the amount of fluorescent lighting is one thing from the air, its straight up overwhelming up close and personal. We finally drove into Reno about 3:30am, exhausted and a little delirious we managed to find our resort hotel where we checked in, and then immediately left for our media call at channel 8, the local station. After a quick nap in their parking lot we jumped on the air four our usual 2 minute spot just after the 6:30 mark, and then ran back to the hotel and hit the pillows until check out time. Another successful marathon run for Duncan Crew!

After a couple hours sleep our day was taken up by quickly perusing some antique and thrift stores on the way to our gig at Games Galore. GG is a pretty cool little mall store, and Steve the guy who runs it was really interested in learning as much as he cold about yo-yos, the Duncan product line, etc etc. the store even had a bit of yo-yo culture around it as a local school yo-yo club showed up in force with about 10-15 players who hung out for the majority of the demo.

And since then? Well we’ve driven to Chico of course, where I right to you now. What’s going on you ask? Silly rabbit, its the National Yo-yo Competition! All you’re favorites will be here… in fact many of you reading this are here now. Those of you who aren’t, we’ll try to throw up some interesting stuff from the contest, ASAP.


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Day 36 – Last Day In Utah

Posted in Adventures, Daily Post, Update, crew on September 30th, 2009 by Emil Lamprecht

Well Utah its been fun. We were delirously tired for a lot of our visit, but the response to our presence was top notch. We met up with a LOT of people.

Firstly, I really should mention Nate Shurilla, who’s met up with us at BYU a few times and is a top notch player and top notch dude. Nate, if you’re reading this, you ROCK. And I can’t wait to show the world what you look like tied into a pretzel throwing loops. :-p
(just wait folks, its pretty funny).

I started our last day in Utah by running off to a radio station. Yoyo? Radio? I know, odd right, but stick with me. Yesterday through our friend Big Buddah I got in touch with a regional morning radio personality. He was really interested in having one of us on in the morning just to chit chat and joke around. I got up NICE and early and ran off in the rain to the radio station. Synopsis? I was TOTALLY under prepared, but it was AWESOME. This dude Steve Harmon is a riot. First and foremost he failed to warm me that they post videos and come up with random challenges for guests… as a result we have some very embarrassing footage of me. I was so tired I couldn’t hit ANYTHING on the spot, please feel free to laugh heartily.

Me trying to hit as many tricks as I can in a minute:

Teaching Harmon the Basics:

Anyway, after the show I went to pick up the boys, pack up the hotel and take off towards our demo. After a fantastic lunch we hit the Clark Planetarium where we’ve been all day. I’m actually really surprised by the mix of people we’ve had here, its been a really dynamic demo with spurts of school field trips and such.

Tonight? Oh man, tonight we test our ability to stay awake once again with an 8 hour drive to Reno, NV. If you’re in the area check us out on Channel 8 in the morning, and come hang out at Games Galore!

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Day 35 – Hopping Around Utah

Posted in Clubs, Daily Post, Yo-yos, crew, juggling on September 30th, 2009 by Emil Lamprecht

Another busy day, but a relief compared to our 36 hour stint. The morning started with adventures involving laundry machines. Most notable about these adventures is what people like Nate and I are willing to wear around the hotel while everything else is in the machines. I wont go into to much detail, but there are definitely Hawaiian swimming trunks and euro -trashy linen shirts involved….

Anyway, our first gig was at a TRU about an hour from where we were staying. We were met by a pretty good crowd (a lot of people have been finding the website from the most random sources!) and had a lot of fun teaching, fixing yoyos, and showing off as per usual!

We had to rush to our second gig, and with traffic barely made it to set up and such. A lot of players had planned to meet us there so we had a crowd throughout and the demo overall was pretty fun. We stayed a bit late to entertain folks as the store closed and then took off for the BYU Yoyo and Juggling Club! Oh how I LOVE a good juggling club. There was plenty of yoyo, some astrojax, and I geaked hardcore with some clubs. I even managed to get 6 clubs going a couple of times and I haven’t run that in years! We’ve been pretty good about meeting up with both yo-yo and juggling clubs through out, but I hope we can do even more as we continue the tour. Its SO much fun.

We headed back North in preparation for the following day and though it took us a while to find the place we finally ate and settled in for the night. Still recovering from the SUPER long day we hit the sack pretty quickly, though 6 hours later I was up for a Radio Interview!

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Day 33-34 — A super long day..

Posted in Adventures, Cameras, Players, Update, Yo-yos, crew on September 29th, 2009 by Emil Lamprecht

If you thought Duncan Crew were hard core, then just wait ’til you read this. The truth is, there shouldn’t even be a dash between day 33-34 because for us they were one and the same!
Our “day” started off with a demo from 11-3 at a TRU in Westminster. We had the full crew of Colorado demonstrators with us, and even some extra players (Jen’s brother and walkins) who came to hang out. There were so many people with yo-yos that even when traffic lulled we had a good crowd and enough teachers for any kid to get some individual attention.

From TRU we went to one of the most impressive toy stores I have ever seen. The Wizard’s Chest is a legend among toy stores. Nate’s heard of it working at A-Z in North Hampton, and I vaguely remember hearing about several years ago while working at Red Dragon Toys in Brunswick, ME. Its a crazy store, but most notable for us is their massive yo-yo club. John Gate’s actually runs the club, so we took his lead and after a while of hanging out he and I MCed an informal show for everyone. It was extremely well received and we had a lot of fun. I was really impressed with the caliber of players (both yo-yos and tops I might ad) that were there. We took a TON of video and photos as well, so much so that processing them takes time we haven’t had since then!

–We’re processing everything tonight, so check back later or in the morning for photos and such–

But here is where the story gets interesting. We managed to land a spot on one of the biggest regional morning shows in the country which is based in Fox 13 news in West Valley, UT. The only time they could fit us in by the time I spoke to them was 5:30am the following morning. For those of you unaware, this is 8.5 hours by car away from Denver, CO…. It was a loooooong night. Trading off drivers, working as a team to keep energetic and awake, stopping frequently to jump around and such. It took us 10.5 hours total to complete the drive from when we finished eating dinner from our gig at the Wizard’s Chest at 7:30pm.

Because of the time difference we pulled in at about 4:30am, and deliriously spent the following hour making sure we had found the right location, booking a hotel, etc. By some magic we met up with Big Buddah of Fox 13 (perhaps the coolest news caster EVER of all time) and spent about 3 hours shooting various segments. We may have been delirious, but had a great time doing what we’re best at!

Alas, the story does not end there. ::GASP:: We finished with Big Buddah just in time to run off to our first gig of the day at the Brigham Young bookstore in Provo, UT. We managed to grab a lightening breakfast before the demo, and jumped in full force with a couple local players who showed up! Big thanks to them as it really helped drive traffic and kept us energetic.

From here we had one more gig to finish the day, and heading about an hour North to Park City we spent a few hours at J.W. Allen Toy Store. This little privately owned shop is right next to the Olympic village from 2002 and is a pretty rad little store. We had a ton of people show up in the end, and were even blessed with the legendary presence of Dale Myrberg. This dude is awesome. A player for 60 years and a full professional entertainer for 15(?) this dude knows what he’s talking about, loves to share, and is more energetic than most 5 year-olds. It was great to have him come out and we look forward to seeing him again at Nationals!

The demo was so busy we went long, but finally we headed to dinner with a couple players and then headed off to our hotel. Finally at and around or 36th hour, on a total of 3 hours of sleep each, we went to bed. And oh how good it was.

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Day 28 – Colorado, I think I love you.

Posted in Adventures, Cameras, Daily Post, Update, crew on September 23rd, 2009 by Emil Lamprecht

Colorado = Friggen’ Gorgeous.
Can everyone just come hang with us here so I can hike every day? That would be great. Ok cool. This place is amazing.
The first thing we did was take a walk through the Garden of the Gods. This place is epic. The “garden” is essentially this gathering of huge red stones that stick straight up in this one area of valley just west of Colorado Springs. These rocks are absolutely beautiful, and get this, their bolted for climbing! Unfortunately, when we did our walk I wasn’t registered to climb there, but we checked it out as we were leaving and I’m now registered to climb on any rocks in any Colorado Springs park… SO COOL!

Alright, so after Garden of the Gods we felt like a more rough and tumble hike was in order. The Garden is a really well kept area with side walks and such, not much in terms of “hiking”. After a little research we got the low down on Pike’s Peak which has a pretty famous long trail. The boys did the first 1 1/4 up the trail with me, and then went to check out the amazingly cute town of Manitou, where we have a show on Saturday. I trucked up to the 4 mile mark at break neck speed which had a FANTASTIC view, juggled 5 snowballs, and then ran back down the trail. It was incredible, I live for that stuff.

Before driving to Denver to finish our day and hit the sack we found perhaps the coolest place of all time. A penny arcade that has existed since 1931 and has arcade machines as old as the mid 20’s. Its PHENOMENAL. A must see if you ever make it to this area. We spent at least an hour or two rockin’ some old school pinball and the most awesome ghetto soccer games you’ve ever seen!

Some of these pictures are hard to understand unless you were there, but check them out, they’re pretty rad.

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Day 26-27 — A Day at the Circus

Posted in Adventures, Cameras, Daily Post, Events, Yo-yos on September 21st, 2009 by Emil Lamprecht

So there is one particular part of Day 26 that should absolutely be told, but I will leave that story to the Sutter Master to relate to you all. I will say however that we continued to love Kansas City and the people in it. A solid TRU demo followed by an entire afternoon and evening at the Circus… incredible.

Between teaching yo-yo tricks in Clown Alley and then experiencing Ringling Bros first hand both back stage and front… man we felt like yo-yo rock stars. Ringling itself is a production of EPIC proportion that runs like a well oiled piece of machinery and it was awesome to see the cogs lying around or hanging out cracking jokes before all coming together for the massive presentation that is that show.

Important points:
- Elephants are awesome.
- Tigers are scary.
- Motorcycles wizzing around a steal ball of death is SO COOL!!
- Chinese Jugglers are too good for reality.
- Some acrobatic stunts just shouldn’t be possible by humans.

In many ways circus shows have been turning more and more into a glorified form of children’s theater, but honestly, who cares! Its still awesome animals and crazy stunts. Big thanks and props to our friends Aji and Kricket in the clown car for having us along, and if you guys are reading this, can’t wait to run into you again some time!

And day 27? News program, demo at cool store, but the real news? Seth is back on board and with us through to nationals! We might or might not have a box of Mongu Hoodies. Maybe, who knows, it’s just one of those silly rumors.

Next up? Looooooooooooooooooong drive to Colorado. :-)

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Days 24-25 — The Greatest Stops On Earth

Posted in Clubs, Daily Post, Events, Players, Update, Yo-yos on September 19th, 2009 by Emil Lamprecht

Speechless. Truly, just speechless.
Moon Marble, Brookside Toy and Science, Channel 9 News, Ren Fair, Ringling Bros… these things have made the past 48 hours truly COMPLETELY MIND BLOWING. I’m reluctant to even try and explain how much fun we had today because its not possible in words!

Ok, so yesterday we had a stop scheduled at a place called Moon Marble Co. Now besides whatever our gig was this store is the craziest most unique toy store I’ve ever seen. Fully equipped with workshop in the back (for wooden swords and shields no less) and a professional marble maker as an owner, this place is a crazy warehouse of awesome toys, insane marbles and incredibly cool people. Bruce even has a little area in the back with bleacher seating at which several times a day he does a fantastic marble making demonstration for audiences. Very cool process to watch.

So yesterday Nate and I had a lot of fun getting to know these guys, we did a 15 minute show that was very well received in Bruce’s demonstration area, and then hung out and taught tons of people how to throw. We had such a good time we could not wait to come back the following day which-we were already booked for-and left on a great note. This morning we had an early wake up call and were at our location (a half hour from the hotel) at 7:45am. Here we met Jesse Williams–a local dude who joined us for our demos today–the owners of Brookside Toy and Science, and the mobile team for Channel 9 news. Should you be so lucky, all of these people are worth meeting at some point.

The owners and staff at Brookside were incredible. Truly genuine, fun people and the kids and customers who showed up during our brief 2 hour visit were interactive and energetic. The group of kids were great and during our two 2:30 broadcasts with Justin of Channel 9 it was awesome to have everyone interacting with us and part of our presentation. You can watch a sample of what we did HERE, this was not the actual broadcast but a pick-up we shot afterwards for the web (Justin didn’t think they would post it!). I bumble a bit on describing 5a, but overall it went pretty well. After Channel 9 left we spent more time teaching and selling and just getting to know the people.

We left Brookside at 10 and shot off for our second visit to Moon Marble. Not wanting to be late (we only had an hour and it was a pretty long drive) the Duncan van did some intense maneuvering but we made it on time, set up while a marble making demo ended, and then kicked off the best 4 hour demo we’ve done yet. We put on 4, half hour long shows for audiences of 30-60 people and spent the in between time teaching and hanging out with players.

Now, here is something really cool about the tour that I didn’t quiet realize until today. Kansas City is the second place we’ve been that had extremely little pre-established yo-yo scene in which suddenly as many as 8-10 players from the area showed up to one of our demos and all got to meet each other. I think the guys here in KC are even gonna start a club as the result! Its SO cool to have a bunch of players show up and hang with us and as a result introduce them to a bunch of players from their own area. Talk about so yo-yo love right there.

Anyway, after our top notch shows we did a quick lunch at perhaps the greatest BBQ place you can possibly imagine, said our farewells to Jesse, and took off to , yup, a Renaissance Fair! I don’t know how many of you have been to these, but I haven’t been since I was a kid and am happy to say they are just as completely ridiculous and awesome as I remember. Now, we partly went in search of jugglers, none of which we actually found despite the rumors, but did meet up with moon marble people and even got some serious yo-yo attention right as we walked in the gate. I felt like a local having only been there two days which really speaks to the friendliness of the people in this area.

Finally I’ll finish today’s post with a little coincidence that really made the day perfect. After Nate and I returned to the hotel and rested up a bit we went to dinner at the same German taps and restaurant we visited yesterday and while yo-yoing in between waiting for our meal and drinks ended up chatting with a someone who was just getting into yo-yo. The best part? He’s in town with the Ringling Bros Circus… and he’s a juggler… and he liked us so much we’re getting in for free tomorrow and a tour of the alley etc…. I love my life.

Peace out!

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