Flips and Tricks

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We found ourself with a little downtime and in close proximity to the golf coast so Marie, Hank, jack and I hopped in the van and headed to see the Golf.

We didn’t have much time, and when we got to the “beach” we soon realized it was be renovated. Bummer. So instead we hung out at a little playground right by where the beach would be. Now, I don’t know about anyone else, but it seems that once you get a yo-yoer on a playground the start doing apparatus on stuff. This time was no different. Sit back, relax and watch Jack throw some freehand while Hank does backflips off the swing set.

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Day 26-27 — A Day at the Circus

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So there is one particular part of Day 26 that should absolutely be told, but I will leave that story to the Sutter Master to relate to you all. I will say however that we continued to love Kansas City and the people in it. A solid TRU demo followed by an entire afternoon and evening at the Circus… incredible.

Between teaching yo-yo tricks in Clown Alley and then experiencing Ringling Bros first hand both back stage and front… man we felt like yo-yo rock stars. Ringling itself is a production of EPIC proportion that runs like a well oiled piece of machinery and it was awesome to see the cogs lying around or hanging out cracking jokes before all coming together for the massive presentation that is that show.

Important points:
- Elephants are awesome.
- Tigers are scary.
- Motorcycles wizzing around a steal ball of death is SO COOL!!
- Chinese Jugglers are too good for reality.
- Some acrobatic stunts just shouldn’t be possible by humans.

In many ways circus shows have been turning more and more into a glorified form of children’s theater, but honestly, who cares! Its still awesome animals and crazy stunts. Big thanks and props to our friends Aji and Kricket in the clown car for having us along, and if you guys are reading this, can’t wait to run into you again some time!

And day 27? News program, demo at cool store, but the real news? Seth is back on board and with us through to nationals! We might or might not have a box of Mongu Hoodies. Maybe, who knows, it’s just one of those silly rumors.

Next up? Looooooooooooooooooong drive to Colorado. :-)

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Day 19 – Last day in Minneanapolis

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Phew, today was fast and furious. We basically ran everywhere and things went by so fast that when we ended gigs around 5:30 we couldn’t believe the whole day had disappeared!

Our first gig was at a Toys’R'Us.  They were very laid back and willing to work with us however, and when we arrived they had already cleared an area for us to be (near the yo-yo end cap), so we set up and got to throwin’. After our second hour we actually got a good group of kids circulating, trying our yo-yos, learning tricks, etc. In the end it wasn’t a bad demo at all.

Our second gig was a short sprint at Air Traffic, another branch of the same store that hosted us a day or two ago. 3A Alex as well as Sean and Dan from String Burn Live! were all waiting for us already and though we barely had enough time to set up, get settled and then break down, we did manage to hold the best competition ever: Number of claps under an Eli Hop. Sean and I went head to hate with a world class introduction, commentary and reffing by Nathan Sutter. Check it out:

Eli Hop Competition from Emil Lamprecht on Vimeo.

After that hilariousness, we finished off our day at a Hub Hobby of which there are two of in this area. The manager and staff were very cool people and in the end we set up a station both inside the store and outside with the van. As always hungry to be outdoors I opted to bake in the sun while attempting yo-yo tricks in the humid breezy weather and had a blast playing music and making faces for passing cars; while Nate and James met the in-store crowds and taught some kids how to throw. Our local buddy Jack showed up again which was cool thought its too bad he couldn’t hang out longer, and an old school player who had been out of the loop but was a really awesome dude.

Gigs done, and everyone exhausted we went and got the car cleaned and vacuumed as we did inventory before dinner and retiring to the room for laundry, email catch up, etc etc. I must say Minneanapolis has treated us really well, and I want to throw yet another shout out to players who made this leg of the trip so awesome and fun. Thanks guys, can’t wait to run into you again in the future.

P.S. Not a lot of pictures today because we mostly took video.

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Day 13 – Whoa, what a Labor Day!

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Just… wow… no really, just wow. What an awesome day to be Duncan. Today we were featured in a parade, and had a troupe of 8 kids in Duncan shirts with us, and did a show in a park, and had a booth during the street fair/second parade outside this awesome toy store, and everyone was really cool and I juggled and yo-yoed a lot and we signed tons of autographs and ate pizza and hung out with cool kids and blasted music out of the van, and then drove to Chicago.


There really is very little, and yet SO MUCH to be said aside from that paragraph of ramblings. We had an early start to get up to Romeo and in line for the parade. We were met by a troupe of excited kids and the owners of the fantastic little toy store (Party Maniacs) in the middle of town. After hanging out in the line up for about an hour we revved up the engine, turned up the music, and rolled down the parade route. It was fantastic. It was hard to get video and pictures because I had to drive the van, but Nate rocked his 8 foot string and Jake 2a-ed his way down the road. Between that, the kids, the van and the music I’d say we not only were completely different than other floats, but twice as cool.

We followed up the parade with a show in a small park a block off the main drag and then moved straight away into setting up our booth outside the toy store. The crowds were massive throughout the day, and we talked to so many interested and interesting people I have trouble realizing it was all in one day.

At the end of the day we packed up, took our last pictures and said farewell to our hosts, the kids and Jake. After cutting through some massive outgoing traffic we got on the road to Chicago, and that is where I write to you from now. We even nailed a nice hotel for cheap right downtown!

Tomorrow we find ourselves in the Sky Deck of the Willis Tower (formerly the better known “Sears Tower”). And then a downtown store by the name of Building Blocks. We’re competing… or maybe colaborating with Operah’s 24th Annual Block Party, so if nothing else it will be a VERY interesting day. If you’re in the Chicago area, come join us!

… but really, awesome day. Check out the pictures. They are only some of the 400+ I took today!

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Woohoo! Takeshi, guest blogger #1!!!

Posted in Adventures, Yo-yos, crew, juggling on September 3rd, 2009 by Takeshi Kamisato

That’s right kids, it’s Takeshi here doing the first guest blog entry of the tour.  HOORAY !!!

Well, I’m playing the role of host while Nate and Emil are in Indy.  If you plan on meeting up with these guys, here’s a few things you should know/do….

Emil is taller than you think.

Emil is an amazing juggler.  If you need tips on juggling (or just wanna see him show off), don’t hesitate to ask.

Emil is stepping up his yo-yo game and is getting into some pretty advanced stuff.  Be sure to share a trick or two with him!

Nate is skinnier than you think.

Nate needs to practice for his 5A US Nationals 1 minute freestyle, so MAKE HIM DO A 1 MINUTE FREESTYLE FOR YOU!

Steal Nate’s Tricks.  They’re awesome.

So far my time with these guys has been all about shooting photos and video, doing demos, exchanging tricks, talking story, being tourists… ahhh… good times.  That’s all for now!

Much love,


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Video Blog #1!

Posted in Adventures, Clubs, Events, Players, Yo-yos, crew, juggling on August 30th, 2009 by Emil Lamprecht

Well, we’ve been on the road now for a five days total-4 of which had gigs-and we’ve been working hard to take pictures and video when ever possible to keep rest of you in the loop. After all, we’re traveling around the entire US, there is a lot to document!

Hopefully these videos will be a consistent thing throughout the tour, and though it took me several hours of fighting tooth and nail with a hard-drive of mine, I eventually got things organized enough to cut this few minute clip video together.


Video Blog #1! from Emil Lamprecht on Vimeo.

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Cleveland Yo-yo Club

Posted in Clubs, Events, Players on August 27th, 2009 by Emil Lamprecht

So to end our first official day of tour we decided to meet up with Perry (awesome dude) and the Cleveland yo-yo club, which he hosts a little way outside of the city. We bought pizza for everyone (we were starving by this point) and had a nice relaxing time hanging out with the assortment of kids, parents and players that showed up to check out our rockin’ van, throw some yo-yos around and just hang out.

I’ve included some pictures we took last night, and our first video post from the tour (two days from now hopefully) will include some of the footage we shot during the club. These are all great people and a cool little club, funded mostly by Perry himself and the generous donations of various organizations and companies, Duncan obviously included. It was great to meet these guys and I hope we’ll find more clubs to hang with along the way.

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Look Out U.S., Duncan is Hitting the Road!

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Ladies and gents, boys and girls, people of all ages and interests,

Duncan Toys is proud to announce the launch of their 80th Anniversary US Tour! We’re in final preparations now to get on the road and travel in a giant circle around the United States to bring yo-yos, juggling and tops to as many of you as we can find!

But how does Duncan travel from place to place? Well to get us started we had a little help from our friends down in Brazil. Whip (a well known player to you pros) of Duncan Crew Brazil did us the great honor of flying up to Cleveland, OH last weekend to personally paint the tour van in front of the Rock’n'Roll hall of fame. Truly awe-inspiring to watch, I was lucky enough to be there first hand and capture the footage for the following video. Also featuring Crew member talent Jeff Coons and Hank Freeman.

Check it out!

Duncan 80th Anniversary World Tour – US Leg from Emil Lamprecht on Vimeo.

Whip managed to paint the entire van, and a canvas for the Rock’n'Roll hall of fame in only 6 hours, and they both turned out awesome. We can’t wait to get this thing on the road and blast the Throw Duncan theme song with our newly installed speaker system.

Keep an eye on the blog for updates every day from the tour, and be sure to check out DuncanCrew.org next week for details on each event before it happens.

Also, be sure to keep up with us minute by minute with at twitter.com/duncancrew

We’re hittin’ the road today, and hope to see you all along the way!

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