Day 37 – Reno, NV

Posted in Clubs, Daily Post, Events, Players, Update, Yo-yos, crew on October 2nd, 2009 by Emil Lamprecht

I’ve never been to Nevada except to fly through it, and though the amount of fluorescent lighting is one thing from the air, its straight up overwhelming up close and personal. We finally drove into Reno about 3:30am, exhausted and a little delirious we managed to find our resort hotel where we checked in, and then immediately left for our media call at channel 8, the local station. After a quick nap in their parking lot we jumped on the air four our usual 2 minute spot just after the 6:30 mark, and then ran back to the hotel and hit the pillows until check out time. Another successful marathon run for Duncan Crew!

After a couple hours sleep our day was taken up by quickly perusing some antique and thrift stores on the way to our gig at Games Galore. GG is a pretty cool little mall store, and Steve the guy who runs it was really interested in learning as much as he cold about yo-yos, the Duncan product line, etc etc. the store even had a bit of yo-yo culture around it as a local school yo-yo club showed up in force with about 10-15 players who hung out for the majority of the demo.

And since then? Well we’ve driven to Chico of course, where I right to you now. What’s going on you ask? Silly rabbit, its the National Yo-yo Competition! All you’re favorites will be here… in fact many of you reading this are here now. Those of you who aren’t, we’ll try to throw up some interesting stuff from the contest, ASAP.


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