Day 28 – Colorado, I think I love you.

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Colorado = Friggen’ Gorgeous.
Can everyone just come hang with us here so I can hike every day? That would be great. Ok cool. This place is amazing.
The first thing we did was take a walk through the Garden of the Gods. This place is epic. The “garden” is essentially this gathering of huge red stones that stick straight up in this one area of valley just west of Colorado Springs. These rocks are absolutely beautiful, and get this, their bolted for climbing! Unfortunately, when we did our walk I wasn’t registered to climb there, but we checked it out as we were leaving and I’m now registered to climb on any rocks in any Colorado Springs park… SO COOL!

Alright, so after Garden of the Gods we felt like a more rough and tumble hike was in order. The Garden is a really well kept area with side walks and such, not much in terms of “hiking”. After a little research we got the low down on Pike’s Peak which has a pretty famous long trail. The boys did the first 1 1/4 up the trail with me, and then went to check out the amazingly cute town of Manitou, where we have a show on Saturday. I trucked up to the 4 mile mark at break neck speed which had a FANTASTIC view, juggled 5 snowballs, and then ran back down the trail. It was incredible, I live for that stuff.

Before driving to Denver to finish our day and hit the sack we found perhaps the coolest place of all time. A penny arcade that has existed since 1931 and has arcade machines as old as the mid 20’s. Its PHENOMENAL. A must see if you ever make it to this area. We spent at least an hour or two rockin’ some old school pinball and the most awesome ghetto soccer games you’ve ever seen!

Some of these pictures¬†are hard to understand unless you were there, but check them out, they’re pretty rad.

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