The Early Show!

Posted in Media, Yo-yos on November 23rd, 2009 by Brandon Jackson

This morning we met up with Mark Hayward, and Bob Rule for breakfast in New York City. Then we were off to CBS  for our appearance on the Early Show.  After the segment Harry Smith told us about when he was a child he was a yo-yo player and even entered a local Duncan Yo-Yo Contest! To his dismay he admitted he lost, and said if he had landed that one trick, then maybe he would be on tour with us today!

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New York City Were Here, Loop The Loop!!

Posted in Daily Post, Yo-yos on November 20th, 2009 by Brandon Jackson

We started the day off with a visit to The Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center to spend some time with some of the coolest kids we’ve ever met.  When we arrived we were greeted with a big hand painted banner that read “Welcome Duncan Yo-Yos!”. Performing for children who aren’t feeling well is a very rewarding experience. When you see their face light up with a huge smile, it totally makes your day alot brighter. And judging from the smiles we saw today, I’m sure we made theirs a little brighter too.


The Beautiful Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center In New York City

Our second Demo of the day was at the New York Hall Of Science, which was super fun. Mark was invited to give a science lesson to an entire room of teachers about the science of yo-yos! And guess what, they paid in brownies! And yes, he shared. The crowd and staff at the New York Hall of Science was great!

_MG_8094 (Small)


_MG_8070 (Small)

_MG_8057 (Small)

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Special Guests!

Posted in Daily Post, Players, Yo-yos on November 19th, 2009 by Brandon Jackson

Today’s Toys R Us demo in Baileys Crossroads, VA had some special guests! Tom Connolly, and Dick Stohr came out and had some fun with us.

_MG_7959 (Small)

_MG_7961 (Small)

Not only did Tom bring his yo-yos, he also brought his tops with him and showed off some fancy moves.

_MG_7980 (Small)

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Yo-Yo Joes!

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Today was a blast!

Getting to check out Joe Mitchell’s new store “Yo-Yo Joes” was such a fun time. Joe Mitchell has been a part of the yo-yo community for as long as I can remember. His family owned and operated a local toy/hobby shop called “Mitchells Toys Trains & Hobbies” until it closed last year. But Joe was quick to open his own store which specializes in what he loves, TOYS!

_MG_7883 (Small)

Mitchell’s was known amongst the yo-yo community as home of the Mitchell’s Yo-Yo Club where players such as Tyler Severance, Tressley Cahill, Jon Rob, Danny Severance, Justin Weber and more gathered to trade tricks, and talk yo-yo with their friends on a weekly basis. This tradition still lives at Joe’s new shop! Along with their “Wall Of Fame” program. Myself along with Mark Hayward got to join the wall last night after completing the wall of fame trick list!

_MG_7892 (Small)

It’s an honor to see my mug shot on the wall amongst the other players, and to get to meet some of the other wall of famer’s.

_MG_7927 (Small)

Thanks for having us Joe!

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Big Day On Tour: Clacker Balls and The Wall of Fame

Posted in Daily Post on November 17th, 2009 by MarkHayward

Today started with a news spot at the very reasonable hour of 8am. That beats previous spots we’ve had that involved getting to the station at 5:30am. Seth Peterson and I were on CBS 3 in Philly with a really great and enthusiastic anchor who just happened to be named Yuuki. He was jazzed to hear that there was a world-famous yo-yo champion (Yuuki Spencer) with the same name. At lunch time the whole gang went out for food and an oil change in the tour van and we met Scotty. Not only is he the owner of the oil change joint, but he’s also the inventor of Clacker-Balls! You heard me correctly. He invented Clacker-Balls. That is so cool.

Me w/the inventor of the Clacker-ball
Me with Scotty, the inventor of Clacker-Balls

Scotty told me that he was trying to make himself a set of bolos (that use 3 balls) but he lost a ball, so he just made a set with two balls. He owned a bar at the time and so he had time to start messing around with his new toy. People in the bar kept asking him to make a set for their kids, and one thing led to another, he got a little news coverage, and suddenly he had a big hit on his hands.

Our demo tonight was at our buddy Yo-yo Joe’s.

Yo-yo Joe's

We knew in advance that this would be a great demo, and we were not disappointed. Lots of people showed up and they had skills! Perhaps the most exciting part (for me anyway) was that Joe let us do the testing to get up on the Wall Of Fame. He has an extensive list of tricks, about 20 or so, and you have to do them all successfully or you don’t get on The Wall. It took some serious work since I had never done several of the tricks before. I knew that I had the skills required, but I still had to do them right. With some encouragement from Joe and a lot of help from a couple of the yo-yo kids I successfully hit every trick. Brandon made it to The Wall as well, and Seth has been on there for a while already.

Wall of Fame Certificate
My awesome new certificate of awesomeness.

Me on the Wall of Fame!
Me in front of the Wall of Fame! I signed the certificate, “I’m the BEST!”

I just realized that part of why this is so cool for me is that this is the first time that I’ve gotten my signed photo up on the wall of a business. It makes me feel like a movie star. That’s not something that happens just every day you know.

c 2009 Mark Hayward
Used by Duncan with permission of Mark Hayward

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41-43 — A Fast Three Days

Posted in Daily Post, Players, Update, crew on October 9th, 2009 by Emil Lamprecht

Wow, three days have wizzed by and its all a bit of a blur. Its just Paul and I right now, and between gigs and players we’ve been pretty much booked solid! Unfortunately we had to say good bye to Mr. Hayward two days ago (he flew out of Sacramento early yesterday). It was awesome to have him on board, I wish he could have stayed longer! Alas he had other commitments to attend to so I hope we’ll see him again here and there when we hit the upper east coast.

Our locations have all been pretty good, notably today’s locations had a lot of traffic as we’re now later in the week and I have to throw a big thanks to the staff at the Wooden Horse and D&J for being wicked interactive and a big part of the fun. Everyone was really into learning how to teach yo-yo as well as how to actually yo-yo themselves and as a result we had a whole crowd of people working with the kids. It was great.

I have to say though, for me this leg of the tour has been a trip down memory lane. I lived off and on in San Francisco for 6 years, but its now been more than 3 years since my last visit and a lot has changed, both me and the city. Its really cool to walk around this place having traveled exponentially more around the world since my last visit and have little nostalgic moments and be able to still appreciate the beauty and awesomeness of this city. It really is a hip place, and full of cool people.

Last night we came into the city to meet up with some players and hung out in particular with Seth who is still hanging around. I got to go down to where my old gigs were and as you can see below I posed in the action of trying to break in. But check it out, our name is still on the buzzer! Apartment B baby, Lamprecht and Muller-Eberhard! I guess they still miss us.

Anyway, thanks to bay area players, Jamba Juice, the Golden Gate Bridge, and our locations for being awesome, and if your in the area we’ve got A Child’s Delight and Talbots coming up tomorrow. Should be pretty rad.


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