Brandon Jackson Is In The House! Erm..Van.

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Hey everyone!
Brandon here reporting from the highways of California as we head to our next stop in Temecula. I joined the guys on tour about 3 days ago and boy its been a blast. Having the opportunity to travel and teach kids and grownups alike how to yo-yo and spread the hobby I love is priceless to me. So to be a part of this tour is an honor. The guys I get to be on this tour with aren’t only my friends, they are my heroes as well.

I’ll be posting more and more as we travel, filling you in on all the fun stuff that Duncan’s 80th Anniversary tour brings our way. So now that Ive made my introduction, I’d like to show you some fun photos of my first 3 days on tour with Seth, Paul, Emil, and Glasseye.

Below you’ll find a collection of photos from the tour stops at Puzzle Zoo in Costa Mesa CA, Totally Thomas Toy Depot in San Diego, Toys Etc in La Jolla, and Learning Express in N. San Diego.

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Day 48 – Epic Snore

Posted in Daily Post, Yo-yos, crew on October 14th, 2009 by Emil Lamprecht

Paul has been on tour long enough now its time to bring up some details about his life that unless you share a room with him every evening you may or may not be aware of.

Here it is folks,
Paul snores.

But maybe snoring isn’t actually the right word. A discussion was held today about how we should re dub Jurassic Park raptor scenes with Paul’s snores. Then I believe Bride thought the Chainsaw Massacre would be more appropriate. Occasionally Paul’s restful actions are much akin to puppies chasing things in their dreams. Heavy panting, barking, squeaking, rumbling and making running motions.

Most notable about Paul’s snore however is his range. His vocabulary if you will. Mark Hayward saw it as truly astonishing, where in a world where snoring was a language, Paul would be a living dictionary.

So thus we applaud you Mr. Escolar for your vigilance, and your volume. We applaud you for what is indeed, an Epic Snore.

In other news…
Today’s Puzzle Zoo gig went well. We had all hands on deck (Seth, Brandon, Paul and Brian) which was great and there was decent foot traffic through out. From the demo we had a great dinner with some of the local players before heading to a small party a friend had planned to throw in our honor. For me personally the party was great because my big sister showed up! I haven’t seen my big sis in over a year so it was fabulous to have a chance to catch up in person and just chill out with a bunch of cool people. Definite props to Flip for having us, he and I used to throw parties all the time together and I don’t think he’s lost the touch.

In the morning we head down to San Diego/La Jolla area for our gig at Totally Thomas from 4-6pm. Should be a blast, join us if you’re in the area.


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