Some Pictures To Catch Up

Posted in Cameras, Yo-yos on October 12th, 2009 by Emil Lamprecht

I just wanted to throw up some of the pictures I didn’t have time to process the past couple days. The little gallery below includes pictures from out last day in SF, both at the scheduled demo, and demoing for a group of science field trip kids on the beach! They saw the word Duncan on our shirts from a distance and called out “show us some yo-yo tricks!”, not even a question which Duncan it was. S we put on a little demo and now their teacher sports a shiny new Screaming Eagle cap!

Apart from that I occasionally like to remind myself that when I’m not just shooting at demos I do photographic work that, if nothing else, entertains me. Sometimes, with only a brief idea and spotting the right light I can put together some cool pictures.


I just happen to really enjoy the one above. But the one below was very purposefully a shout out to Red, DCB. Red does some pretty cool yo-yo photography, and even has a book of it out now that you should totally check out. ‘Sup Red!

Red Shout Out

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