Day 19 – Last day in Minneanapolis

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Phew, today was fast and furious. We basically ran everywhere and things went by so fast that when we ended gigs around 5:30 we couldn’t believe the whole day had disappeared!

Our first gig was at a Toys’R'Us.  They were very laid back and willing to work with us however, and when we arrived they had already cleared an area for us to be (near the yo-yo end cap), so we set up and got to throwin’. After our second hour we actually got a good group of kids circulating, trying our yo-yos, learning tricks, etc. In the end it wasn’t a bad demo at all.

Our second gig was a short sprint at Air Traffic, another branch of the same store that hosted us a day or two ago. 3A Alex as well as Sean and Dan from String Burn Live! were all waiting for us already and though we barely had enough time to set up, get settled and then break down, we did manage to hold the best competition ever: Number of claps under an Eli Hop. Sean and I went head to hate with a world class introduction, commentary and reffing by Nathan Sutter. Check it out:

Eli Hop Competition from Emil Lamprecht on Vimeo.

After that hilariousness, we finished off our day at a Hub Hobby of which there are two of in this area. The manager and staff were very cool people and in the end we set up a station both inside the store and outside with the van. As always hungry to be outdoors I opted to bake in the sun while attempting yo-yo tricks in the humid breezy weather and had a blast playing music and making faces for passing cars; while Nate and James met the in-store crowds and taught some kids how to throw. Our local buddy Jack showed up again which was cool thought its too bad he couldn’t hang out longer, and an old school player who had been out of the loop but was a really awesome dude.

Gigs done, and everyone exhausted we went and got the car cleaned and vacuumed as we did inventory before dinner and retiring to the room for laundry, email catch up, etc etc. I must say Minneanapolis has treated us really well, and I want to throw yet another shout out to players who made this leg of the trip so awesome and fun. Thanks guys, can’t wait to run into you again in the future.

P.S. Not a lot of pictures today because we mostly took video.

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We’re On The Air!

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Check it out guys. This morning we were invited to be on String Burn Live! It was a lot of fun and they’ve posted the episode so be sure to watch it:

Duncan on String Burn Live!

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