Day 81 – History Lesson

Posted in Adventures, Daily Post, Events, Players on November 11th, 2009 by Jack Ringca

Some people are legends and they don’t even know it. We did a demo at the Buford, Georgia Toys R Us and who shows up to throw and demo with us?…..BOB RULE! On the serious, this was one of the greatest gifts that life as ever bestowed upon me and I can’t say enough cool things about him or the experience. The man is so smooth and interesting. He has stories for days and is a true living yo-yo history museum. We are so excited that we intend to dedicate an entire blog post just to his majesty. Keep an eye out for that.


In other news on this demo, Atlanta local, Randy Jansen came out to throw with us along with Uri Gotschalk and Steven Kinder from Tallahassee. It’s awesome to see people taking road trips just to meet up with us on the tour. We love it and it makes everything seem more like a rock show than a toy store demo. It’s everything these tours is supposed to be.


Another really cool thing about the Buford demo was that we also had more kids with a serious fire in their belly to learn. Ethan Shaw is a tiny beast that will be so much better than us when he grows up. Simply put, nothing beats a kid that thinks that yo-yos are head and shoulders above his handheld video games and is nowhere near afraid to tell the world about it. That, my friends, is where awesome comes from.JackTeaches

This demo was a real history lesson. We had nearly every generation of American player there and we all had a great time relating to each other over the timeline that we share. Timeless. It’s not a word, it’s a lifestyle.

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41-43 — A Fast Three Days

Posted in Daily Post, Players, Update, crew on October 9th, 2009 by Emil Lamprecht

Wow, three days have wizzed by and its all a bit of a blur. Its just Paul and I right now, and between gigs and players we’ve been pretty much booked solid! Unfortunately we had to say good bye to Mr. Hayward two days ago (he flew out of Sacramento early yesterday). It was awesome to have him on board, I wish he could have stayed longer! Alas he had other commitments to attend to so I hope we’ll see him again here and there when we hit the upper east coast.

Our locations have all been pretty good, notably today’s locations had a lot of traffic as we’re now later in the week and I have to throw a big thanks to the staff at the Wooden Horse and D&J for being wicked interactive and a big part of the fun. Everyone was really into learning how to teach yo-yo as well as how to actually yo-yo themselves and as a result we had a whole crowd of people working with the kids. It was great.

I have to say though, for me this leg of the tour has been a trip down memory lane. I lived off and on in San Francisco for 6 years, but its now been more than 3 years since my last visit and a lot has changed, both me and the city. Its really cool to walk around this place having traveled exponentially more around the world since my last visit and have little nostalgic moments and be able to still appreciate the beauty and awesomeness of this city. It really is a hip place, and full of cool people.

Last night we came into the city to meet up with some players and hung out in particular with Seth who is still hanging around. I got to go down to where my old gigs were and as you can see below I posed in the action of trying to break in. But check it out, our name is still on the buzzer! Apartment B baby, Lamprecht and Muller-Eberhard! I guess they still miss us.

Anyway, thanks to bay area players, Jamba Juice, the Golden Gate Bridge, and our locations for being awesome, and if your in the area we’ve got A Child’s Delight and Talbots coming up tomorrow. Should be pretty rad.


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Day 11 – Oh Michigan How We Love You

Posted in Clubs, Daily Post, Events, Yo-yos, crew, juggling on September 6th, 2009 by Emil Lamprecht

I may have left the house stressed this morning, but wow what a good day. After quickly getting yesterday’s blog post up we jumped in the van and shot off towards Genuine Toy Company in Plymouth, MI. Genuine Toys is a new mom-and-pop toy store that’s only been open a few weeks, and let me tell you, these are awesome people. The owners, the staff and everyone who stopped by to interact with us were fantastic. For what was predicted as a quiet Sunday morning turned into an action packed fun 2 hours that blew by.

We were having so much fun we almost lost track of time and had to pack up in a hurry to take off for the Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum, which is essentially another awesome children’s museum. Our contact there was afraid it would be really slow because it was such a beautiful day outside, but between PA announcements and attracting attention from being near the entrance we gathered crowds for two 15-20 minute shows.

We got a lot of milage out of having Jake with us. A local, a great player, and 7+ minute of organized presentation was perfect for the start of the show, followed by exploring the five styles with Nate, and 5-10 minutes of juggling presentation from myself. It was all excellently well received, and we left the museum tired and happy.

We left the museum and started brain storming ways to infiltrate the GIANT crowd headed to the first University of Michigan Football game of the season. We ended up driving around and admiring the mayhem until we found this great drag where everyone was walking down towards the stadium. We drove down it twice blasting music, and the second time I had the guys walk on either side of the van looping and interacting with people. It was rowdy, and silly and fun.

To finish off our day we decided to go back to Genuine Toys. Why? Because we had a ton of fun there! The best part was the sign they had on the door when we got back, check out the pictures! We casually set up again upon arrival and though the evening did not supply much foot traffic, we hung out with the staff again, and I had possibly the best juggling practice since EJC in Spain this summer. Truly awesome.

After a home grilled meal at the Maloney’s we’re now trading tricks, editing vids, and hanging out. Michigan is treating us well. Tomorrow we hit Detroit for a few hours in their Science Center (1-3pm) come join us if you can.

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Day 10 – Good Bye Indiana

Posted in Adventures, Daily Post, Update, Yo-yos, crew on September 5th, 2009 by Emil Lamprecht

Hey guys,

sorry this post goes up a little late. We ended up without internet once we arrived at our new location. But now you’ve been waiting with baited breath for 4 hours while I slept and its twice as exciting! :-p

Anyway, yesterday was our last day in Indianapolis. I can’t thank Takeshi enough for showing us such a great time. Not only do I feel like I learned a lot from him, but it was great to be sleeping in a house instead of a hotel and have someone who knew the area well enough that Nate and I weren’t struggling to find locations, good food, or people. He also taught me a few new tricks, and I’m happy to say I can actually hit them!

I spent the morning working but wrapped up quickly so we could attend our gig from 12-3 at the Indiana State Museum. It was a calm demo, but we were out on the canal boardwalk and would get spurts of 5-10 people every few minutes. In the end we actually spoke to a LOT of people and I was surprised by the end how tired we were from demoing almost constantly for 3 hours. It was also really nice to be outside enjoying the great weather. Overall a pretty great demo! Of course, we were additionally graced by the presence of Lord Buffington himself, and its official folks, his grace will be joining us for Illinois and and Minnesota.

Perhaps the best part of yesterday though was Mary! Mary is the sister of our Czech Republic crew leader, Korda. Both Takeshi and I new her from various time spent in Prague and she’s now studying in Indianapolis for 5 months. It was so great to see her and meet some of her friends. We all caught up over post-demo milkshakes, a definite two-thumbs up.

Demo and milkshakes done, we ran back to Takeshi’s to exchange various files from our time in Indy, wash the bug juice off the van, pack up and then head north to Michigan. We finally got to meet Takeshi’s wife too! Super cool lady who can make a mean late, whoa. In the end, saying goodbye Takeshi was really sad, we had such a good time, and couldn’t leave without taking some farewell pictures. See below.

We’re now at Jake Maloney’s place (awesome house, I slept in a n awesome bed) and prepping for our two gigs today – Genuine Toy Company in Plymouth from 10-12, and then the Ann Arbor Hands On Museum from 1-3. Its a beautiful Saturday so stop on by and show us some Duncan Love!

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Day 3 – Kent/Hudson, OH

Posted in Clubs, Daily Post, Events, Yo-yos on August 28th, 2009 by Emil Lamprecht

Today. Was. Awesome!

This morning I was a little worried that we were going to have issues getting momentum through the start of this tour. Today totally confirmed for me that we can rock this tour, and will do so the whole way through.

This morning was relatively uninteresting. Jeff and I were trying to catch up with all the work that was before us. We managed to catch up a bit (though not completely) which relieved a little stress for the day. If nothing else a good start minus a few frustrating interludes.

At 2pm we packed up and headed out to our first location, a little town called Kent. In a plaza down the street from Off the Wagon Toys (our hosts), we set up the van with our speakers out and blaring. I was a little worried we weren’t going to see anyone after the first 15 minutes. However, Off the Wagon had made the point of advertising our presence and a little while later a group of kids and parents show up.

Our second location was for the same people and about 20 minutes away, near the second of the Off the Wagon stores. We were feeling good with the gig so far because everyone had been incredibly friendly, but were bummed by the lack of turn out. However, the second we got to the next location it was GAME ON! Jeff and Nate started demoing so quickly I had to rush to set up the table by myself and sold the first yo-yo before finishing.

In the end we didn’t do much in terms of sales but that was the least of my concerns. We had a huge crowd at one point, and a lot of kids trying yo-yos and parents laughing and joining in as well. Some players from a local club even showed up and helped attract more people. I did a few juggling demos and taught a bunch of kids the basics of 3 ball juggling. It was fantastic, and we ended it all in a GREAT mood. Between just having fun playing and getting applause and signing autographs I think the three of us felt it was easily the best of our three tour days so far and that feeling like a rock-star can be a lot of fun!

The clincher? Smoothies. We packed up, and immediately went and got smoothies… which were baller.

Major props to Off the Wagon for being great hosts. Thank you guys so much!
Check out the pictures!

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