Dec 29, 2013
Hey Brandon! Just got the How to be a Yo-Yo Ninja video. I was wondering what yo-yo were you using during the Green Triangle demo? It was a clearish-green yo-yo. I've enjoyed watching you guys....just awesome! Be blessed!
Feb 13, 2011
when are the raptors going to be released? how much will they be? And will they be at yoyoexpert?
Indy YoYo Crew
Jan 24, 2011
hey bojack. i was wandering do you have to be just good at yo-yoing to get on the crew or if you can be decent and have other skills such as video making or markerting etc.
Jan 7, 2011
whats up
Jan 4, 2011
Hi I am Tommy do you where i could buy duncan yoyo in toronto
Jan 2, 2011
Can you get me some info on the new dritfer? How much will it cost? Please post some pics.
Adam Hitz
Oct 24, 2010
Hey BoJack,
I was wondering if there was any news with the plastic Drifter, like when it is coming out and colors? I'm pretty psyched for it to come out since I'm a huge fan of the FHZ and plastics in general, I feel it would make a sweet 5a yoyo. Speaking of which is it going to come with a CW like the Metal version does or is it going to be labeled for 1A?

Sep 1, 2010
what's up i was wondering how did you join the crew because when i get older i won't to join to.
Aug 29, 2010
Hey brandon i was wondering do pro's get paid a lot and when are the new yo yo's comeing out.
Aug 26, 2010
your the best
Indy Yoyo Club (IYC)
Aug 24, 2010
pwn of the decade
Jul 23, 2010
hey brandon you are amazing i have th mayhem it is awsome just like you are i want to be on the duncan crew some day could you tell me how to join
Jul 7, 2010
how long should a freehand sleep?
your a great yo yoer.
Jul 7, 2010
hey brandon! do you know if duncan is making any new yo yo's.
Jul 7, 2010
Thanks brandon.
Jul 7, 2010
hey brandon how long deos a FHzero suppose to sleep.
Apr 8, 2010
How do you get those shirts??
Feb 27, 2010
Nice vids
Feb 27, 2010
Yo brandon, how can I join crew USA?
Feb 27, 2010
Hey brandon!
Thanks for checking out my page!
Feb 27, 2010
well thank you very much :) good to know, cause im gettin one as soon as it comes out!
Feb 26, 2010
Feb 13, 2010
hey bojack! scince you seem to be The Man when it comes to screaming eagle news, when can we expect to be able to buy the Hugo Z Hor state side??
Dec 13, 2009
Much to you Brandon, I kinda hope this site gets used more often!

Oct 29, 2009
Hey Bojack! Join the CYYC!
David Maddox
Sep 28, 2009
Great GREAT guy, can't wait to see you again!
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Brandon Jackson

Brandon has been playing yo-yo hardcore since the age of 14. Now 24 he is a frequent yo-yo competitor, judge, contest organizer and club organizer. Drawing his inspiration from Spencer Berry, Jason Lee, and Paul Escolar his tricks are smooth as silk and as explosive as 10 Atomic Bombs.


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