The Party Baby?

The Toy Barn in Portage, MI is such a fun place to be. It was a clear, cool evening and it couldn’t have been more pleasant. First of all, I am pretty positive that every single person that stopped in to check out our demo was beautiful. That definitely makes for an easy time trying to be charming. Second of all, the space inside and outside of the store is like a bi-level yo-yo playground. While not the safest way to play yoyo, a lot can be done with one player upstairs and another downstairs. Third of all and lastly demonstration is easy when the people watching are having as much fun as you are. That is just a simple fact of yo-yo play.

Pepper Lounds runs the spot and she is as nice as the day is long. I loved that she was so very into us playing in and around her store. Emilee Komins was Pepper’s right hand gal for the day and it is easy to see why. I rarely see anyone as engaging to customers and onlookers as Pepper and Emilee. They were just as much a part of getting people involved with the demo as we were. They both learned some tricks and I suspect that this will turn into more and more Duncan Yo-Yo events at the Toy Barn as time rolls on.

As it turns out, Portage, MI is also home to Uncle Danny. So, Uncle Danny came out to see us play and have a few laughs. He threw a little yo-yo and was super into the history and events that led us to the demo. Nothing brings family together like a little history and some skill toys. When we wrapped up, we went to dinner and stopped by Uncle Danny’s place with no idea what a treat it would be. As it turns out, Uncle Danny is a film maker and had truckloads of knowledge to drop on us. He is such an intelligent and humble man that it is impossible not to be inspired by him. He showed us around his editing office and his home theater (I do mean THEATER!). He blew our minds for sure. Where else do you get to learn about advanced film editing consoles, HD cameras and the evolution of the gameboy in the same place?

Portage is THE place to be. If you can’t dig that, there may be something very wrong with you.

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2 Responses to “The Party Baby?”

  1. Uncle Danny says:

    Hey now! You guys are much too kind. I gotta tell you, it always boggles my mind to see what you guys can do with yo-yos, tops, and anything else that’s round and not tied down! And you were all so incredible with the folks that came by, teasing kids with “walk the dogs” that chase them and getting teens to be amazed by an “old school toy.”

    I’m sorry I couldn’t get dinner with you but it was great having you over to just relax and talk, watch some clips, play some games (even if you are non-inverted). And I gotta say, I was impressed by your tech equipment too! That LED light and helmet cam are awesome! I’m gonna have to add that to my kit!

    Oh, and thanks for teaching me that yo-yo trick! I still don’t know how it ended up back in my hand!

    Good luck, guys and have a safe tour!

    -Uncle Danny

  2. Emilee Komins says:

    hey guys! i had a lot of fun! i have since bought a yo-yo and walk around my aparment playing with it all the time. i am not going to say i am good b/c that would be a lie, but i am not having to do it 3 or 5 times before i get it right!! Thanks for stopping in, it was a lot of fun! :)


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