Duncan Presents: A Takeshi Kamisato production…..

Posted in Video on October 22nd, 2010 by Jack Ringca

Duncan Heritage Tour 01

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First Cut is the Deepest.

Posted in Demo on October 11th, 2010 by Jack Ringca

We kicked off the first day of the tour in a suburb of Cleveland,Ohio(Burton), at a genuinely old school event, the Apple Butter Festival. Nothing screams American roots like this sort of event. Old style craftsmanship creating and celebrating an old style food using old style tools and good old fashioned entertainment.

Takeshi, Hank and I were joined by the incomparable, Brandon Jackson for the day and it made for a great event. Hundreds of people showed out to check out the classic wares, enjoy the carnival atmosphere and play with some classic toys. We got a chance to get a great start teaching tons of youngsters and young at hearts to yo-yo. Some people came out already knowing quite a bit of how to play and it was really nice trading tricks and stories with the older folks. The impact that this tour is going to have is instantly obvious when a woman old enough to be my grandmother shows up and shows us that she still remembers the basic ten tricks and reminisces about her time Throwing Duncan as child. And it is definitely cool knowing that we are already providing the chance for many young people to tell similar stories years from now. A legacy like this is the coolest wave to ride.

Hank Freeman Dropping Knowledge

Hank Freeman Dropping Knowledge

Later in the afternoon, Hank and myself cut loose a little and got the chance to perform a collaboration demo with the polka band(ChardonPolkaBand.com). They are some young cats that play some old timey music with authority. Not a single lazy note gets played and nothing but, the best times are had with them. They bring the party for sure. Check them out. You won’t be sorry.

In other old school events, quite a few kite enthusiasts also came out to the festival today. They were as much a spectacle in the sky as we happened to be on the ground. Quite a few current yo-yo players share this hobby and it was definitely cool to get some time to see their work up close. I have nothing but, the highest respect for passion and dedication to such a cool activity. When it comes down to it, things with strings are generally pretty hip.

Future Spintop Champ

Future Spintop Champ

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