Contest Up in Madison!

Posted in Contest! on November 1st, 2010 by Jack Ringca

Life as a Duncan demonstrator is extraordinary. What other job allows you to travel around the world, play with toys, teach people the thing that brings you joy, and live minor celebrity status all at the same time? Today’s events were so top notch that the two main components deserve their own blog entries.

We had a fantastic contest in Madison, Wisconsin today. Capitol Kids was kind enough to host us and the time and place were so very right. There is no place I would rather be on any part of Halloween weekend than Madison’s Capitol Square. This town takes Halloween seriously and that means lots of people and lots of fun.

We got out there bright and early and the streets were already buzzing with activity. That much energy and foot traffic meant that we were bound to have great fun with the contest. It was fate and it was beautiful.

The contest ended up being my favorite kind of contest. Lots of beginning players and the stress level was low. Everyone just put it all out there and had a great time playing. I love it when people play yo-yo and remember to have fun above all else. Too often, contests turn into stress and tension for the players and nobody was hung up on that in Madison.

The top four scores rounded out like this: Lille Sandholm came in 4th. Wesley Kaminsky came in 3rd. Flannery Brewster got 2nd. It bears mentioning that Flannery is a natural and had only been playing yoyo for 20 minutes before she entered the contest. And the winner for the day was Henry Pfau (AKA Hank II)! Henry was such a good player that we felt the need to rename him Hank II after our own Hank Freeman. He embraced the power so well that by the end of the day, he identified himself as Hank II. I even had to ask him his last name at one point and he replied “TWO!”. The kid is clearly made of iron.

A big thanks again to all of the players who came out today and to Jenna and the Capitol Kids family. Also, a special thanks goes out to Dan Ickler( AKA Zamstrom) and Layla for coming out and making the day extra special for us. You will always have a special place in my heart for sure.

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