Contest Up In Ohio!!!

Posted in Contest! on October 17th, 2010 by Jack Ringca

The rest of the cities we visit are going to have a serious hard time topping the greater Cleveland metropolitan area. We had all of the Ohio massive representing in style today. We threw a contest at the Recess store in North Olmsted. It is the largest of the stores that we visited this week and there were times when even this huge space was crowded with too much awesome!

We eased into the contest today by demonstrating the basic ten tricks of yo-yo and the five styles of play. Jumario Simmons, a local to Cleveland, helped us out with that by killing it with an offstring mini freestyle that blew the doors off the place. As if that wasn’t enough, Takeshi then boosted the energy by throwing a spintop freestyle. He killed it so hard that I am still excited about it as I type this hours later.

The players that entered the official contest took it serious and brought A game throughout. AJ Oldin took third place with a respectable 38 points. Michael Durdak came in second with an awesome 46 points and Thomas Sheldon showed everyone what’s up in first place with a near perfect 48 points. He looks the coolest with his new Schwinn bicycle. At only 11 years old, Thomas is well on his way to becoming one of the finest players anyone has ever seen. Everyone that entered was great and everyone there had a great time.

We were having so much fun that we decided to throw an unofficial side contest for all of the experienced and advanced players that came out to support. The format was similar but, we threw a few wrenches into the mix for them. The trick list was still ten tricks but it started at creeper. We then added modifiers that the players could use to boost their point values. The breakdown was like this: eyes closed = +2, non dominant hand = +2, behind the back = +2, one footed = +2, style points = +1-+3.  As if that wasn’t enough, we also added two advanced tricks to the end of the list and required them to be done on a fixed axle yoyo. Everyone pushed themselves and some serious play was the result. Jake Willis was in Third place, Isaac Sams was in second and Jumario Simmons came in first. Jumario threw it down so hard that we feel like at any further stops where we have this event, it will be called the Jumario Simmons Invitational division. Seriously, One Footed-Left Handed-Blind Folded-Behind the Back-Stylish-Loop the Loop is no joke.

Now it’s off to Grand Rapids and all points beyond for us. I seriously hope the rest of the tour brings game like this. It could mean that we change the name from Heritage Tour to the Future Tour.

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